The Jeans Debate

Last night as Todd and I sat outside enjoying the nice breeze and the break from the rain, we started talking about horses, and riding and all that. He wants to do more but needs a comfy saddle and new boots…and I suggested new, longer jeans. I’ve grown up riding horses and wearing proper length jeans, Todd has not.  He’s stubborn though. For the last year, we’ve been ‘discussing’ why he needs longer jeans to ride. He doesn’t like when jeans are too long and touch the ground (that’s what boots do! keep jeans from dragging). I agree, but jeans that don’t ride up past your ankles making themselves look like some kind of strange denim, riding capri is important. This is a point I make to him all the time.

He still doesn’t want long jeans.

Then I bring up the fact…not opinion…that when people ride with jeans that are too short, they look like idiots.

He says, “I don’t care if people make fun of me.”

I say, “Horse people aren’t going to laugh in your face. They will simply look knowingly at each other. That knowing look is saying, ‘check out that idiot in the short jeans.'”

Someday, I swear I will get Todd to buy a pair of longer jeans so that when he rides it doesn’t look like he’s riding through a creek trying to keep his jeans dry.


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