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Tuesday $10 Tee! It’s a Good One!

Wild Horsefeathers!-Tuesday’s TeeI Left My Heart At The Horse Show Tee.

I almost forgot to post this…probably because I forgot it was Tuesday! Get it for $10 while you can! I love this shirt!

Looking for Shows in Your Area?

With high costs of travel and worry over EHV-1, many people are choosing to show locally. Whether it’s breed shows or open, you can still show every weekend close to home. Finding local shows of all sizes and types is easy with the help of sites like and a number of local or regional publications! is easy to use too! Just click on the state you want to show in and it will bring up a list of shows taking place!

Hello, Summer!

I hope everybody got to enjoy the long weekend and maybe even get to show! I spent the weekend riding horses, cooking out, enjoying out-of-town company, and yard work! This spring has been so wet, the garden didn’t get in until Saturday! I also finally had the chance to wash and wax the truck (it really needed it)!

Memorial Day usually marks the beginning of Summer and this year I’ve come up with a summer plan…or a list of things I want to get done! Of course, there are a number of horse things on it! As well as some goals for this blog! I enjoyed the little break I had over the weekend but now it’s time to get back to finding good deals, summer showing tips, and of course get to some horse events!

DIY Hat Shaping

I have a nice tan Rodeo King, 10X hat. One spring I spent about $20.00 (or something like that) to get it shaped. I have never worn it again because it was a terrible reshaping. It was uneven and awkward. I had considered just getting rid of the hat rather than putting more money into it, since I don’t wear it often. Then, I started doing some thinking and found a simple way for DIY hat reshaping.

Then, I thought, ” I will probably ruin this hat further and probably don’t have the stuff to get it done any way.” I was wrong.

I checked out a couple of videos on YouTube:

The only equipment you need is tea kettle and your hands (although if you have a hat brush handy, it’s helpful). I’ve learned felt hats, especially decent or higher quality are very forgiving, if you don’t get it right at first. I really enjoyed the process and don’t think I did too shabby for the first time ( I wish I would have taken a before picture!) It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to do and was in a way kind of relaxing, I even made myself a nice cup of tea at the end.

Saddle Find

Great Billy Royal saddle found on Tack Trader for only $700.00! I like that it’s not overdone and seems to have a nice age to it. I’m also really liking the cutouts, nothing beats close contact!

Finally a Photo!

I was just looking around my blog and realized while I may have shared that I was having a jacket made for me, I never put the photos up of the final piece. I sent the fabric I originally bought, for my DIY jacket, to the lady I’ve bought many shirts from in the past, Lori’s Little Stitches. The jacket took only a few days to make, cost little, and looks great!

I may add a few crystals and have thought about putting darts in for a more fitted look but I love it and can’t wait to show in it!

Wild Horsefeathers!-Tuesday’s Tee

Wild Horsefeathers!-Tuesday’s Tee A Lot Gutsy Tee.

Tuesday’s $10 Tee from Wild Horsefeathers! This one is one of my favorites from their collection!