It was an interesting weekend, to say the least. Last night’s announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed was huge. Today, I have been reading about celebrations across the country, many being on college campuses. It made me think about how Bin Laden in many ways has been the ‘face of evil’ for my generation. More importantly, it fills me with pride for America’s unwavering determination to rid the world of such evil.

I was reminded of some other things this weekend too, particularly by Milo. He felt the need to put me in my place, which apparently is on the ground. I know he doesn’t like to be ridden bareback. I know I have to pay extra attention to what he’s doing when I ride bareback. I know that riding with just a saddle pad because I don’t want to get my dark jeans super funky is a bad idea.

Do I always pay attention to what I know?


As I asked Good Ole Bud to lope, he reminded me that he might be an aged gelding but he still has the fire power and a lot spunk. Oh sure I held on a couple of seconds, for a moment I even thought I was going to make it. Then…the slippery saddle pad made an exit and so did I. I landed with a thud on the ground and with a nice smack of my head to the wall.

Beyond being a little sore, having a scrape on my head, and some hurt pride (I’m usually pretty talented at not getting thrown) I’m just fine. I jumped back on made him lope, finished my ride and put him up…then headed home to get out all dirt from my boots, shirt, jeans, hair, mouth…everywhere.

Horses always have good timing when it comes to reminding me that I am not invincible nor made of Velcro.

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