The End of the Semester

Thank God. It’s Over. Yesterday, I took my final math test! (last one ever!) I failed it. Probably because instead of studying I rode my horse, I made a pie, I went to the bar, I went shopping…I did anything but study. Fortunately, I still passed the class!!! I’ve been putting off taking math for  a long time since it is absolutely my worst subject, but I survived! I immediately went from test taking to eating wings and having a few celebratory drinks, of course.

Now what? Horse things? I haven’t ridden all week or done much with horse stuff this week because of how busy things have been. I’ll be at the barn tonight, then off in the morning to KC for a baseball game! After that, I’m spending a week in Omaha visiting family and friends (YAY)!

It might be pretty quiet here for the next week, then again, it might not.

Happy Summer! (to anybody done with finals)

GOOD LUCK! (to all of those still studying)

And one last thing, Who is your pick for the Kentucky Derby? (I’m liking Dialed In but I haven’t looked too closely at any of the horses yet!)


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