DIY Hat Shaping

I have a nice tan Rodeo King, 10X hat. One spring I spent about $20.00 (or something like that) to get it shaped. I have never worn it again because it was a terrible reshaping. It was uneven and awkward. I had considered just getting rid of the hat rather than putting more money into it, since I don’t wear it often. Then, I started doing some thinking and found a simple way for DIY hat reshaping.

Then, I thought, ” I will probably ruin this hat further and probably don’t have the stuff to get it done any way.” I was wrong.

I checked out a couple of videos on YouTube:

The only equipment you need is tea kettle and your hands (although if you have a hat brush handy, it’s helpful). I’ve learned felt hats, especially decent or higher quality are very forgiving, if you don’t get it right at first. I really enjoyed the process and don’t think I did too shabby for the first time ( I wish I would have taken a before picture!) It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to do and was in a way kind of relaxing, I even made myself a nice cup of tea at the end.


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