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What a Weekend!

My weekend started off great! Friday night, I checked my Facebook account and found I was the winner of a giveaway. I won a bottle of Pyranha Wipe N Spray! I am very, very excited because it was the first time I’ve ever won a giveaway (despite how many I sign up for) and because Pyranha is my fly spray of choice! It never let’s me down! Now I don’t have to buy fly spray which is a plus because the bugs are going to be nasty this year with all the rain!

Saturday my weekend continued to be a good one with tack sale. I brought a huge pile of clothes to the sale. Despite a smaller turn out, I was able to sell a few things and earn a bit of cash for both my sister and I. This coming Saturday, I will be once again, trying to sell a few things at an open show! Every bit helps, plus I love seeing how happy getting some new stuff makes people!

Some of My Clothes at the Tack Sale!

Hopefully, this week will turn out as great as last week!


Getting What You Want

The expenses of owning horses is daunting sometimes, especially when it is a struggle just to pay board, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want. Like everything when it comes to horses, you just need patience. I’m pretty sure you know by now, if you’ve read earlier posts, I am a fan of lists.

Last night while staring longingly at my “Horse Stuff” wish list I came up with a plan. I think it will work for me and it may work for you too. Each month I will buy one thing on that list. Starting with things that I absolutely need or whatever I can afford (it may only be a curry comb)!

I can save for the more expensive things or at least plan for them (even though there are a couple of way too expensive dream things on my list that I will never buy). It’s a good way to achieve goals of getting a new show outfit, tack…whatever without being overwhelming. Plus, I have something to look forward to each month.

It’s kind of a good tactic to use riding and showing too. Make a list of goals and start with the most attainable one. If your horse needs a lot of work to get into the show ring start with a basic concept to work on and perfect before moving on to the next level. For me, not only do I have to work out a few things with Tango, but I have to figure out how to afford showing. This year breed shows are looking too far out of my reach, but I still want to show. So, my goal is to get to some inexpensive open shows and work my way to the breed shows next year or if I can afford one!


I’m sure most, if not all of you have heard about the outbreak of EHV-1 in the U.S. There’s a lot of info out there about it and I though I’d do my best to put up a couple of links about the virus as well as show cancellations for those of you who want to stay up to date and plan accordingly, if cases start popping up in areas you plan to show.

General Info:  EHV-1 – What Do I Need To Know RIGHT NOW?

Show Cancellations: Latest Show Cancellations and Individual State Information For EHV-1 Outbreak

All Sorts of Things

Well, I’m back in Indy again…It was hectic drive back, filled with a lot of rain and uncovered antique furniture. I think I’m still in vacation mode but I’m broke and back to work so I guess it really is over.

While I was in Omaha, my sister and I sorted through some of her old show clothes and I found a lot of good things to sell! I’ve brought them back to Indiana and am getting them freshened-up for a tack sale.

My county’s 4-H club is hosting a tack sale this weekend. There is a small fee for table space (which goes to the club!) but profits from your sales are all yours! I plan on taking a number of show clothes, boots, and hats to sell. Finding tack swaps and sales are a great way to pass along show clothes to new rider, earn a little cash, support a local club, and maybe even pick up few things for yourself. Many of my show clothes over the years have come from tack sales!

You can find out where tack sales are being held and about table space by contacting any of your local 4-H and horse clubs!

Just remember if you are selling to research prices to best guess what something is worth and know what the lowest price you would accept is. Also be sure clothes are cleaned, ironed, and well-labeled! A good presentation of your items is important!


Just an update…I’m in Omaha now after visiting KC for a baseball game. I’ll be here through this week and am really enjoying the time spent with my family!

I’ve even gotten some riding in! My sister and I went to see her horse, Chance, the other day. I’ve missed Chance and it was great to ride her again! I’m hoping to get to my favorite tack stores, but we will see if there is time!

The End of the Semester

Thank God. It’s Over. Yesterday, I took my final math test! (last one ever!) I failed it. Probably because instead of studying I rode my horse, I made a pie, I went to the bar, I went shopping…I did anything but study. Fortunately, I still passed the class!!! I’ve been putting off taking math for  a long time since it is absolutely my worst subject, but I survived! I immediately went from test taking to eating wings and having a few celebratory drinks, of course.

Now what? Horse things? I haven’t ridden all week or done much with horse stuff this week because of how busy things have been. I’ll be at the barn tonight, then off in the morning to KC for a baseball game! After that, I’m spending a week in Omaha visiting family and friends (YAY)!

It might be pretty quiet here for the next week, then again, it might not.

Happy Summer! (to anybody done with finals)

GOOD LUCK! (to all of those still studying)

And one last thing, Who is your pick for the Kentucky Derby? (I’m liking Dialed In but I haven’t looked too closely at any of the horses yet!)

Wild Horsefeathers!: Tuesday’s $10 Tee

Wild Horsefeathers!-Tuesday’s Tee DistressedBits Tee.

Get it while you can!