Horse Show Survival Kit!

After spending sometime discussing the first 4-H show as well as reminiscing about my own past horse show experiences, I’ve come up with a plan. I don’t think I’ve ever made it to a show where I haven’t forgotten something important, usually it’s just something little but also very important! The little things like makeup, earrings, boot sock, pulls…and so on are what can make your show day complete or a total pain in the butt.

Not only are these things easy to leave behind, but they are often the little things that people don’t know about when they first get started showing. Polish is important in the show ring but many new the sport don’t know the tricks or products to get the look.

So, starting soon, I will be selling a complete kit to make through a show and help get you ready from head to toe! The kits will include every thing safety pins, to makeup, earrings, boot pulls, socks, stock pins, rain gear and so much more.

The final cost is yet to be determined but will be as reasonable as I can get it! I am also considering a basic kit, complete kit, as well as a ‘restock’ kit.

Please comment below if you are interested in a kit! I would like to get some interest before I start putting too many together!!! They will make great gifts as well as starter packages for those just getting into the show pen!

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