Growing Up or Something.

Well, yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday! I feel old (sorta) but also kind of awesome that I’m a quarter of a century! It was a pretty good day, I heard from a lot of friends and family which made me feel blessed. I also got to eat some awesome, awesome cake. It was a pretty good birthday…oh I also, in keeping with tradition got to ride. It was a short ride in my shorts and barefoot, bareback but it counts!

Today, Todd and I helped pack the truck and send off our best friend, Jon, who is moving to Jacksonville, Fl. Our other best friend, his girlfriend, Michelle, moved down there at the end of May. It’s hard to see them leave but now at least we have a reason to visit Florida!

It’s put into perspective growing up, seeing friends move away, and that soon, very soon, I’m going to have start acting like a grown up (at least some of the time!)

For now though, I’m going to think about the great ride I have planned for tomorrow and the great memories I’ve had with some wonderful people!

I hope everybody is enjoying their summer and is getting to plenty of horse show!



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