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Morning Rides, Toasty Dogs, and a Long Drive Home

Today, sometime around noon I am going Omaha. I am currently just waiting on Todd to get off work so we can load up and go. It will be an interesting visit home, since the entire Petersen side of my family will ALL be there. I’m not sure when that happened last. It will also be a bitter-sweet visit because of the circumstances in which bring us all there; to visit with my grandma, who isn’t to doing well. 

Other than seeing family, the bright side of the trip will be to see my best friend, Steph (aka Stephy Cakes) who is returning from a two-year teaching job in Okinawa, Japan. It will be wonderful to see her and for her to finally meet Todd in person (they’ve met via Skype but it’s not the same as in person).

So today, while I could have relaxed at home in the morning, I instead made my way to the barn to ride. I was surprised at just how hot I got even this early in the morning. I rode Tango who was rather lazy but overall decent, and brushed both Milo and Ozzy as they wanted nothing to do with me since they had just gotten their breakfast (I don’t blame them).

I returned home, deciding I really needed my own breakfast. I chose a Shiner Hefeweizen and a Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage and Farmers Cheese Toasty Dog. It was spectacular.

There is nothing like a ride before breakfast, breakfast beer, and a good toasty dog. By the way, toasty dogs were one of the few school foods that I liked let alone would even want to eat (those and crispedoes). I’ve learned to make them at home and they’re even better with good ingredients!

The next few days there will be few to no posts but be sure to check out the archives and read through some of your favorite posts!

and a note: if you click on a post with an eBay listing which has expired, you can click on the item then click on ‘see other items from this seller’ They may have another listing that strikes your fancy!

$2.00 Off Absorbine Product Coupon

If you’re out of one of the many great products made by Absorbine, don’y buy more until you print out this coupon! If you can, try to time buying one of these products while they’re onsale to get even more off!

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sale

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sale

I do love a good GREAT sale! Better hurry to see what you can find!



Sheplers for Shirts

I’m processing samples today, which means I have periods of down time where I can’t leave the lab! So in between changing solutions, I’ve been looking around the internet things.  I emailed the very nice people at Majesty’s Animal Nutrition about Chasteberry/Vitex wafers. They were kind enough to email me back within a few hours to let me know it was an idea they would look into (awesome!).

I’ve also been working on my ‘show guide’ which will go out with my horse show kits. In the process, I started looking at button down shirts at Sheplers. I have to say, I love their selection. Check out the pictures below of the shirts I really liked and that are available! Some were even on sale for around $15.00!

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.


This one I really, really like! Flattering pattern and cut!


*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

very pretty. nice price.

Supplement Savings

Horses are expensive no matter what but once you start down the path of supplements it can get outrageous. Not only does it get expensive, it gets confusing too. With the number of supplements out therefore one ailment alone it can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, for the sake of your pony, you have face the huge selection and make some choices. How to do it on a budget? That makes it even more of a task!

Here’s a couple of recommendations and tips to get you started:

  • Ask around, find out what your trainer, friends and your other horse show companions recommend
  • Ask your vet but don’t necessarily buy it from them. Even if it’s a prescription, vets can sometimes double the price of a product. Ask for a recommendation and if it is for a prescript (even for Bute and Banamine) ask if they will fax the prescription to a vet supply. It can save you up to 50%!
  • Read online reviews, lots of them!
  • Compare ingredients, there are many big name supplements that contain almost the exact same ingredients and measurements as more generic brands. Buying generic or store brand can save a lot!
  • Trials, some companies offer trial items on things like joint supplements and hoof conditioners…use those to find which works best for you
  • Buy in a larger bulk and store well when you find a product you really like. Buying in larger quantities can cost more initially but over the long run can save you a lot in shipping and general cost.

So, how have put these recommendations to use? Mostly through research and vet consultation. I already have Milo on a Majesty Flex Wafers which are great for his joints but not super heavy-duty (which he doesn’t need). This fall he will be going on two more supplements one for digestion and colic and the other for Cushings (which the vet and I have discussed he is showing beginning stages of).

Initially, I considered SmartPak for his 3 supplements as that is where I did a lot of my research, but to keep him on Majesty Flex and add Vitex Plus and U-Gard it would cost me $135.00 ever 28 days. That’s a price I just can’t afford. So, I did some looking around and came up with a solution that will cost me about half per month.

Milo will stay on his Flex Wafers bought from their regular source, and will add Balance EQ in place of Vitex Plus and Ration Plus in place of U-Gard.  He will be getting the same supplement value at half the price! That’s something I can live with!