Connie’s Customs’ $4,700.00 Jacket

It’s AMAZING! What a  beautiful jacket. The sparkle. The colors. The price. No, No, not the price. At $4,700.00 you have to be serious about showing. That’s almost as much as the price of my horse and my mom’s gelding put together when we bought them. The jacket is hand painted and dripping in crystal but I have to wonder, even though it’s hard-pressed to find something as pretty, if anybody wants to spend that. Oh of course there are people who can. The horse industry is full of the disgustingly wealthy, but for the rest of us, we can only drool over such pretty…pricey clothes.

Want the look? Try the Hobby Horse Black Janie Tunic ($99.00), some fabric paint, and your own dose of crystals…and enjoy the look for less! (for less than a tenth of the price!) Just be sure to draw out what you’re design first!



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