Well, I’ve been working hard to put together the first three horse show kits…and along the way learning a lot about how to make them better! At the start, I listed everything you could ever possibly need, then quickly realized the cost that would be involved! I’ve been eliminating and streamlining to keep the kits efficient and less expensive. I’ve also begun to realize the need avoid making them cookie cutter, everybody is a little different so why should each kit be the same? I had considered buying a lot of things wholesale to be cost effective but realized shopping for individual, unique pieces is what makes the kits really something! (of course there are some basics that will be the same in each!) It was even pointed out to me that little girls don’t need a full set of makeup! So, there will be smaller starter kits for young ladies too!

I’ve also been considering the name of the kits…from Horse Show Survival Kit, to simply Horse Show Essentials. (I like the second one better!)

I’m having a blast searching for the best deals and products to make everybody look their best and stay prepared and sane!

I hope you’re all staying cool out there!

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