Too Hot!

I thought if I went out to the barn early enough yesterday, I might get a chance to ride. Then I decided I didn’t want to put jeans on so I threw on some shorts and planned to practice a lot of showmanship. After about 15 min I was burning up! So instead of riding I took my time and gave both Milo and Tango a good, cool bath and braided Tango’s mane. That was about all that was worth doing!

I can’t believe the heat! I really feel for all the kids at County Fair right now. Today is supposed to be the hottest day of all, right when the Juniors are moving in. Poor kids. I will be spending tonight and all of tomorrow at the fairgrounds helping out and thankfully, our awesome air-conditioned trailer is not too far from the barn!

Next week is supposed to be cooler! I can’t wait! I’m getting really anxious to ride my horses!


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