Morning Rides, Toasty Dogs, and a Long Drive Home

Today, sometime around noon I am going Omaha. I am currently just waiting on Todd to get off work so we can load up and go. It will be an interesting visit home, since the entire Petersen side of my family will ALL be there. I’m not sure when that happened last. It will also be a bitter-sweet visit because of the circumstances in which bring us all there; to visit with my grandma, who isn’t to doing well. 

Other than seeing family, the bright side of the trip will be to see my best friend, Steph (aka Stephy Cakes) who is returning from a two-year teaching job in Okinawa, Japan. It will be wonderful to see her and for her to finally meet Todd in person (they’ve met via Skype but it’s not the same as in person).

So today, while I could have relaxed at home in the morning, I instead made my way to the barn to ride. I was surprised at just how hot I got even this early in the morning. I rode Tango who was rather lazy but overall decent, and brushed both Milo and Ozzy as they wanted nothing to do with me since they had just gotten their breakfast (I don’t blame them).

I returned home, deciding I really needed my own breakfast. I chose a Shiner Hefeweizen and a Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage and Farmers Cheese Toasty Dog. It was spectacular.

There is nothing like a ride before breakfast, breakfast beer, and a good toasty dog. By the way, toasty dogs were one of the few school foods that I liked let alone would even want to eat (those and crispedoes). I’ve learned to make them at home and they’re even better with good ingredients!

The next few days there will be few to no posts but be sure to check out the archives and read through some of your favorite posts!

and a note: if you click on a post with an eBay listing which has expired, you can click on the item then click on ‘see other items from this seller’ They may have another listing that strikes your fancy!


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