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Six in September

This summer has been terrible, as you may have gathered from other posts in my blog; August, especially. Because it’s been so crazy, disappointing, and well, I’ve been broke most of it, I have been terrible about riding. Some times, I’ve only been out to ride once in a week.

This is far from my goals as well as what makes me happy. So, I’m setting a new goal, six in September. My goal is to ride or at the very least do showmanship six days a week all of September. Wish me luck!


Sunday Steals: Plus Size Two Creeks Show Jacket

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

Starting today…I will be posting at least one post every Sunday on a money saving product/listing. I do this a lot through the weeks but I’d like to focus Sundays on specific deals! So here’s the first one, Two Creeks 1X show Jacket. The starting bid is $100.00. I love the cut, pattern, and colors. I bid on a jacket last week similar to this one, in my size. It ended up being just out of my price range 😦 I’m sure I’ll have another chance!

2011 Adequan Select World Championship Show: Live!

Watch live coverage of AQHA’s Adequan Select here! Just follow the link below! Coverage continues through September 3rd!

America’s Horse TV | Live Events.

Looking Forward to September

August has been a long, stressful, and trying month. I’m looking forward to September, especially beacause of the following:

  1. NHRA Indy Nationals (woo hoo Labor Day weekend)
  2. Reichert Celebration (September 2-11 watch it live here!)
  3. National Apple Dumpling Day
  4. TV shows return!  (I won’t say which terrible ones I watch)
  5. Last, but not least; in fact the most important… FOOTBALL! (particularly Nebraska making its debut in the Big 10! GO BIG RED!)

Minus school, I’m looking forward to this month. Hopefully school settles down, I get some awesome horse-related posts in and have plenty of time to ride and watch football.  Have  a great weekend all!



My Horse Treat Attempt

So, I had this brilliant idea of making my own supplement treat for Milo. Since Vitex and Balance EQ are too expensive and I wanted see if giving Milo ‘chaste berry’ would help him out any, I just bought human grade chaste berry capsules. I looked around for treat recipes and came up with an OK one, tried to put the powder which was too hard, and then settled for just sticking the capsules into the center of the treat whole. All in all, it turned out well…until a few days later. Thankfully, I made a small batch because they rotted fast! I’m really, really hoping Majesty’s Animal Nutrition will take my suggestion seriously and just create the treat for me. I haven’t quite come up with a new plan yet, but I’m thinking!

*Two Creeks* Showmanship Jacket | eBay

Very pretty, current showmanship jacket! Nona has been putting up a few jackets every day! So be sure to check her listings often (I’ve even bid on a couple! I’m hoping to get one in my price range soon!)

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay. Huge Blanket & Sheet Sale

Looking to get a head start on fall and winter horse clothes? Check out the sale is having! Up to 80% off and when I looked many sizes and styles were still available! The worst part about blanket/sheet sales is usually all they have left is really small or really big! I don’t really know the brands on sale but if it’s a good deal, when an item is on clearance is the time to try the brand out!