Home Again

Thursday evening, after a long summer of hospitalization, my grandmother, Virginia Petersen passed away. She was  surrounded by her family in her final moments. Unfortunately, I could not be there, but did get to visit with her at the beginning of the month. We laughed about my crazy animals and talked about the tomato plants she gave me this spring. I was also able to speak with her they day of.

She lived 84 very full years and was a character to the end. Not all of my memories of her will be bright and shiny because, Grandma could be quite a pain in the butt and sometimes downright mean. But, she could also be witty, hilarious, and very caring too.

I will remember Eggy bread, pineapple and cottage cheese, watching cartoons and drinking seven up on the couch when I was sick. I will remember the crazy clothes she would buy on sale, the way she would look over her glasses and say, “Well, you know” and how she used to sneak cigarettes in the bathroom while pretending nobody knew. I will remember sitting on her lap opening pickles (pull tabs) at the Legion. I will truly miss here awesome dill and bread & butter pickles…though now I can attempt to carry on that tradition with her canning set which she passed on to me this spring. But I will not carry on her tradition of giving frozen mystery food from who knows when. I will remember our argument over  water-skiing (which remains the reason I don’t know how). Mostly though, I will simply remember how lucky I’ve been to grow up so close to her.

Thursday evening, the family celebrated her life in the only fitting way, with 7&7s. Tomorrow, Mom and I once again make our way home to say goodbye one last time. It will be emotional but I am sure it will also be full of laughter as we reminisce about our crazy grandmother.


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