So It Begins…

Hello, school. Good bye, life. Classes start today which is a bummer on its own but with classes starting comes the onslaught of students. Since I work on campus, I get to enjoy the summer months when parking is a breeze at any time of the day, and you don’t have to worry about students walking in the middle of the road, accidentally running  you over in their cars, or just the students being around in general.

I shouldn’t be so hateful; I’m a student. I have been since…well years and years. I’m a pro. I’ve noticed the last couple years I’ve really started to become aggravated with being a student, particularly in the fall when a new bunch of fresh-faced, 18-year-olds descend on campus, excited to start their college careers, but not quite ready to let go of high school nonsense. In college, you quickly learn, nobody cares, not even your professors.

Bitter? maybe but thankfully, I have the horses. They keep me calm, sane, and relieve the stress of school. Now, to just figure out when I’ll be getting to see them this fall. How do you balance school and horse time?


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