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Corral Boots!

Corral Boots are expensive. But. Sometimes, they go on sale. And. They have my size. For $179.00, the Crackle Cognac Cowgirl Boots are lovely! I would really, really like to buy them. I need new boots. I haven’t bought any in at least a year. That’s a long time for me.

I guess, for the moment (pay-day is Friday and I have ’til then to decide if I can justify them) I will just have to day-dream…and skip class. Oops. I have senioritis. Bad. Thank God this class has 10 day absent policy. I’m on day 5 (maybe 6). I’m still good, right?



The College Horseman now has a facebook page. You should like it. I’ve been thinking about the facebook page for a while now but didn’t want to do it because that would take an effort. I finally broke down and created one. I will do my best not to neglect it.

Here’s Why:

  • I want fellow horsey, college students to have a place to share ideas, frustrations, and photos.
  • I like pictures, and I hope to have a lot from me & from you on there
  • Because everything else has a facebook page

So, please share photos, ideas (any ideas from time management, school year training issues, affording horses, horse show adventures…) and even things you’re trying to sell! Also links. I love links. Every body loves a good horse-related link!

Sunday Steal: a Day Late

Yesterday, I forgot to pay attention to time and had to rush from the barn to home, to Todd’s, to the bar. In that time, I forgot to post! So here is yesterday’s Sunday Steal: a Hawthorne New Market Woolen Dress Sheet. This sheet is normally around $175.00 but since has partnered with a tack store liquidation, you can get it for $49.95. There are limited sizes but if your horse fall into one of the those sizes, it’s a great deal! I love the look of these sheets and they would be perfect for the cool fall weather!

*Two Creeks* Showmanship Jacket | eBay


*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

very lovely. Bidding starts at $100.00, as always.

Showmanship: the Look For Less

OK, another “look for less” post. I was recently looking at some of the beautiful jackets made by Lisa Nelle, when I discovered one of her jackets looked really familiar. I suddenly remembered I had seen a similar jacket not too long ago. What struck me was the difference in price! Both were found on eBay but one for a lot less money. While you are giving up a well-known name and a lot of sparkle. These jackets are made out of the same material!Just goes to show, once again, if you do some looking around, are willing to be patient, and focus on colors and cut, you can find some great deals!


I’m terrible about not only taking photos but getting photos posted too. You’re in luck today though! Here a few updates on previous posts. Not too long ago I wrote a post about Long Manes and my trials with Tango’s. Well, I’d been doing a well-conditioned running braid  for a while but I have recently abandoned it. For whatever reason no matter if it’s a tight or loose braid, it doesn’t end well. She gets it loose and loses a bunch in just a day or two. So, I think I’m going to end up sticking to what made her mane long in the first place, good ole conditioning and leaving it be. (I’ll try this for a bit anyway until I get bored and think I have to do something with it.)

Another photo update I have for you involves my horse show kit. I think I was a bit too ambitious with the idea and quite frankly didn’t really offer anything unique. Well, in my quest to find something cool and pretty to put the kits into I discovered there aren’t really any non-tacky, inexpensive, horsey carrying bags. As, somebody who thinks they can sew, I immediately came up with the idea of horse themed cosmetic bags. Here’s a picture of the constructed but not sewn first attempt. It turned out well and can be customized with hand-embroidery. I’ll be filling them up with some essential horse show items too! What do you think? I’ve already completed this one and have been using it myself. I love it!


Sunday Steal: Circle Y Show Saddle

Circle Y saddles can run over $2500.00 brand new. The more silver and tooling, the more expensive it gets. With the number of used show saddles available that still look great and are nice and broken in, why spend that much? I just found this saddle for under $1500.00 (shipping included). That’s a really decent price for the quality, style, and amount of silver! It’s in great shape too!