Monthly Archives: September 2011

Corral Boots!

Corral Boots are expensive. But. Sometimes, they go on sale. And. They have my size. For $179.00, the Crackle Cognac Cowgirl Boots are lovely! I would really, really like to buy them. I need new boots. I haven’t bought any in at least a year. That’s a long time for me.

I guess, for the moment (pay-day is Friday and I have ’til then to decide if I can justify them) I will just have to day-dream…and skip class. Oops. I have senioritis. Bad. Thank God this class has 10 day absent policy. I’m on day 5 (maybe 6). I’m still good, right?


The College Horseman now has a facebook page. You should like it. I’ve been thinking about the facebook page for a while now but didn’t want to do it because that would take an effort. I finally broke down and created one. I will do my best not to neglect it.

Here’s Why:

  • I want fellow horsey, college students to have a place to share ideas, frustrations, and photos.
  • I like pictures, and I hope to have a lot from me & from you on there
  • Because everything else has a facebook page

So, please share photos, ideas (any ideas from time management, school year training issues, affording horses, horse show adventures…) and even things you’re trying to sell! Also links. I love links. Every body loves a good horse-related link!