Long Manes…

Tango’s mane has been growing long and beautiful the last couple of years and for the most part I’ve just let it do its thing. But recently I’ve noticed lots of tangles and knots, so I’ve started putting it up. I had no idea how much work a long, lovely mane could be. For a while I was just putting in a bunch of loose braids after it had been combed and conditioned. This worked OK until this weekend when I noticed that one of the braids must have caught on something and tore. I was kind of upset by this.

So…I went back to the hand-cramping but oh so pretty running braid. I like the running braid but it doesn’t hold up well. Am I doing it right? Do I have to do it every day? I usually let it go, up to two days, before redoing it.

Any body out there with long manes that have any tips or tricks you do to keep a long mane beautiful?


2 responses to “Long Manes…

  1. Traci, my mare is 4 and never has had her mane touch by a pair of scissors. I do a running braid but I braid it tight to her neck. It usually last a week, it starts to look rough. But when I take it out I but a infussium 23 leave in conditioner and rebraid it. I don’t wash it often and it seems to be doing good. Hope that is of some help.

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