Getting it Together!

So, how about that “Sunday Steal” post I was going to start doing every Sunday? Well, I missed the 2nd Sunday, oops. I will still be doing that. With my wild weekend and the first couple of weeks of school behind me, I’m looking forward to settling into some kind of routine.

But until then…has anybody noticed the cooler weather? I haven’t gotten to the barn to see how wild my horses are going to be but I did start thinking about needing to get fall/winter sheets and blankets ready. Last year, I got a great deal on a Rod’s blanket for Tango ($34) at Congress. It held up really well, cleaned up great, and overall just ended up being a great blanket.

Here’s a link to it and $70.00 it’s still not a bad price!

It’s really too early for me to want to start thinking about winter blankets but I do plan on finding the best prices before it gets too cold!


2 responses to “Getting it Together!

  1. I found killer deals on blankets at They have some marked down 75%!

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