Spending Money Where it Counts…

I thought I would do a little price comparison just for fun. It’s a “look for less” post, show clothing edition! I was just looking through the jackets on the Carolina Beverly Hills website and saw a jacket that had the same look as one I had just seen on eBay. The one costs $2900 and the other is up to $150 right now. That’s a huge difference in price! What you’re buying with the boutique jacket is a lot of extra glitz and maybe a better fabric. The eBay jacket is made by a well-respected seamstress but has a lot less glitz to it. Your best bet? If you’re trying to save money, live on a budget, or just don’t want to invest thousands on a jacket…go for the eBay version! Add your own crystals if extra sparkle is a must. Overall, you’re going to get the same look without spending the cash!

Day dreaming about the expensive clothes while finding similar cuts, colors, and patterns in less expensive ones is my favorite way to shop!


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