Read, Paper, Paper, Read

I’m feeling it this semester. It as in I’m going to lose my mind with all this reading and all these papers! After a lovely weekend of nationals followed by a week of being sick, I spent the entire weekend trying to catch up homework. Yuck. Just when I thought I had caught up, I realized I wasn’t going to get entire set of reading and “discussion points” (the most worthless busy work ever) done and that I am currently behind one class by an entire book. Woot. Woot.

Is it time for me to start hanging out at the barn with my books and beer? I think so.

I’ve actually been doing a pretty decent job of getting to barn every night lately. My best option was to split up my riding. One horse one night, the other the next. This cuts my time out at the barn enough for me to still get some study time and a shower in before bed!

What else? I’m currently working on a couple of ideas for some helpful fall posts. When school starts and shows slow down it gets easy to get out of shape. So, I will soon be posting something about tips to stay in shape while you’re at school and during the winter, for both people who can keep up their riding and those who don’t get to see horses so much while their at school!

Is anybody else as excited about Quarter Horse Congress as I am?


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