Catching Up…

Well, I enjoyed a nice fall break! (if two days off school counts) My friend Kim came out to visit this weekend so we got to spend a lot of time together. It was really great to have somebody come visit! Unfortunately, it’s back to school and work for me now. I am thankful Midterms are over but the weather has been pretty crummy the last few days.

I’ve been doing a lot of looking around for the best winter riding gear and so far most of what I’ve found is more on the English side. Why can’t I find any regular western boots with a bit more tread (not a ton) a good spur ridge, some waterproofing, and a fleece or insulated lining??? It’s frustrating, I tell you! But I’ve found a number of other things to stay warm and will be putting a list together ASAP! I think the cooler weather really is getting close now!

I have plans to go to Congress this weekend (it’s going to be a last-minute decision based on funds) Will any of you be there? Anything good I need to check out?

Have a great week everyone!


One response to “Catching Up…

  1. My favorite winter stuff has been Mountain Horse. I couldn’t have survived without their insulated tall boots! Kerrits has some good stuff as well, but like you said, mostly English. (Better way to go anyway! 🙂 )

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