New Things!

It’s been another crazy week! First of all, meeting with many new people and looking at new barns was fun, stressful, and time-consuming. I met a lot of wonderful new people and we finally found the right barn for us. This Sunday,  Mom and I will be moving our horses to GG Ranch. We are both very excited about the move and can’t wait for our horses to settle into their new home.

Milo will get to be a pasture horse for the first time. I admit, I am extremely nervous about throwing him out so late in the year since he’s never been outside. I am also really excited because I’ve wanted to find pasture for him for years. He deserves to get to be a just a horse and have freedom from the stall. It’s also going to save me quite a bit of money, which is a blessing. I will now only be paying a bit more than now.

In other news…I survived midterms and managed to  get some pretty awesome  grades! 89, 91, 95, 98.75. Pretty awesome. On another school related note, I registered for my final semester of college! YIPPEEEEE! (in the words of my dad). I’m both excited about this and nervous. I will be done but looking for a job too! Anybody know of any awesome horse-related, museum related, 4-H related jobs opening?

I will also have to consider if I should change the College Horseman title…any suggestions on what to call it when I graduate? I’ll still be broke and still be ‘adventuring’ in showing and money-saving!


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