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I Love My Horse Frame-Wild Horsefeathers

New! I Love My Horse Frame-Wild Horsefeathers.

Another great gift idea for Christimas! This frame is exclusive to Wild Horsefeathers and costs $32.50. Pretty cute! If  you have some craft talent, you may be able to find a wide frame and create a DIY “I Love My Horse” frame or any other personalized frame!

New! I Love My Horse Frame-Wild Horsefeathers


Barefoot Horse Hoofprint Charm: Etsy

Barefoot Horse Hoofprint Equine Natural Hoof Care Hoof by KDemARTe.

Are you looking for inexpensive, unique gifts for your horsey friends? Check out this charm (plus a ton of other cute one from this seller). It’s a barefoot horse print! I love it because it’s not the typical horse shoe you see everybody with, and it’s handmade. The price is right too at $10.00!

Horsey Advent Calendar: Christmas Season Begins

I am thankful I am not out shopping. Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience. It is the first time parts of  my family have gotten to meet my boyfriend’s family. It was really nice to not be the one to have to travel to get the family time.  Tomorrow, Mom, Sara, and I will be heading to Kentucky to visit Claiborne Farm and the Kentucky Horse Park. It should be fun! Sunday, Milo will be moving t0 the barn Tango and Ozzy are at, to be a full-time indoor horse again.

The Christmas season is beginning now that Thanksgiving is over (I can’t believe is over already). When I was little, we always had an advent calendar. It’s a tradition I really loved; opening the little doors and getting a piece of chocolate. This year I’ve found one that I really love, a horsey one! Schneiders offers a very sweet horse themed advent calendar, complete with barn kitties and dogs. The chocolate behind each door is horse themed. The price for the lovely calendar is $23.95.

Nothing Better…

I have gotten to ride a total of twice this month. Between new barns, work, and tons of homework, the ponies have kind of taken a backseat. I couldn’t take it anymore! Yesterday, one of my term papers was due, and the night before, I lost a good portion of that paper (stupid computer). I got it rewritten and turned in but I’ve been pretty bummed about how crappy it was, plus I just miss my ponies!

While cleaning, shopping, and waiting for my sister to arrive for Thanksgiving, I found a moment to spare. I enjoyed that moment with Ole Bud….aka Milo. I hopped on bareback for a bit, thankful he wasn’t feeling too wild, but also cursing how out of shape I am! If you have horses, you understand the peace of mind and the stress release you get from riding.

There really is nothing better than a moment, an hour, a day…a whole life with horses!

Pinterest Addiction

OK, I must say I am addicted to Pinterest. The site is like an online bulletin board. How great is that? The reason I am posting about it is not just because of my new-found love for the site but also because I plan to use it for this blog. It will most likely become a spot for me pin products and ideas that I plan on writing about (and also current horsey obsessions)! I recently added a link to my Pinterest profile. Please feel free to follow it and get a sneak peek at future blog ideas and plenty of horse-related awesomeness! I also want encourage you to pin future and past posts! I am still trying to figure out a ‘pin it’ button to use for each post but it’s kind of a pain in the butt right now, and I am also supposed to be focusing my attention a term paper over Teddy Roosevelt, which is due tomorrow.

Anyway, enjoy my current pins, this blog, and your holiday week!

Keeping Warm Continued!

O.K. I’ve covered winter boots, winter jeans/breeches, now let’s take a look at a couple smaller things…hats, gloves, and scarves. There are a lot of winter riding gloves, hats, and scarves available from tack stores but to be honest, those are the kind of things that get lost, beat up and ruined first. I don’t want to spend much on them at all. Buying from places like Wal-mart, Target, and Old Navy can get you some warm things at low prices…plus if you lose them a store is always near by.

I also love Forever 21 for their huge variety of winter accessories at low prices! I currently don’t wear a scarf to the barn and my hat of choice is a bright blue and yellow “Zep” hat that’s older than I am (I still love it though). My gloves are from Forever 21 and I love them! They are just simple cotton gloves with another set of fingerless cotton gloves to go over them. Extra warmth when you need it, and more finger freedom too! Plus they only cost $2.50, check them out here!

Coming soon…inexpensive barn coat alternatives & thermals…and a whole ensemble (could be a great set of Christmas presents!)

Lucky Horse Tshirt by WhateverFits on Etsy

Lucky Horse Tshirt by WhateverFits on Etsy.
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Looking for Christmas gifts for your horsey friends? This t-shirt is super cute and has great reviews. Good for St. Patty’s Day, show days, and of course every day. I’m always looking for horse-themed anything that’s cute doesn’t get too over-the-top. This shirt is priced at $19.95