The Good, The Bad, The Papers

I cannot wait for November to be over. It has been a ridiculous month to say the least. Good stuff has happened though…like meeting awesome people to take care of my horses, my AAR is finally ‘satisfied’ meaning I can officially graduate in the spring. Also good, my sister and brother-in-law are coming out for Thanksgiving.

The bad in November…a $600.00 truck repair with potentially more to come with the trailer, having my horses split between two barns, Milo being both a wuss and destructive, the absolutely ridiculous amount of school work…and of course a dwindling amount of funds. (my last paycheck allowed me only $27.00 after I put away what I needed for bills. Awesome.

oh…and the papers! 6 papers in one month…2 down and 4 to go. Unfortunately, they are 4 annoying length papers. You know the one’s that you think are short enough you can procrastinate, until due dates get close and you realize you have no idea what to write or that it would be so difficult. So, instead of settling into my new barns and figuring out a regular schedule on how to split my time, I’ve been attempting to read and write…I’m going insane.

I’ve also been completely neglecting this blog. Sorry, I have a lot to share too! Maybe December will turn out better?


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