Now that it’s December, my semester is starting to wind down. Thank God! Just one more paper, and some finals…oh and I guess one last week of regular classes. I can’t wait for it to be over.

I think Milo was a little “over” over-joyed to go out and play with Ozzy on Monday…he’s been a super sore, old man. Like can’t even walk out of his stall, sore. So, I’ve been letting him rest and giving him bute the last few days but, he’s going do a little walking today…He’s a big wuss and I’ve never seen him take a lame step, but I think this last month has been hard on him with all the changes.

I’m starting to plan presents and of course my tins of cookies and whatnot. It should be an interesting Christmas. It’s the first time in me entire life, I won’t be in Omaha. Part of me is sad since I will miss my family, but part of me is also relieved I won’t have to rush out of the house as soon as my last final is over, or do all my baking while studying…and of course I am excited to visit my horses on Christmas day. I’m also happy I will get to spend this Christmas with Todd.

He has accepted a job as freight conductor with CSX and will be leaving for training in January…then for the next year will have no vacation and start an on-call 24/7 job. It’s going to be interesting, sometimes difficult, but also very rewarding.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on pinterest. Check out my Horse Things! section to see the horse stuff I’ve found. It’s also made me realize I need a much better camera so I can be the one going on adventures, finding cool things, and taking the pictures, rather than just repinning them!

The Christmas tree went up yesterday! Here’s to the holiday season! Have a great weekend everybody! (and I’ll look for a Sunday Steal to post!)



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