Kaeco Equine Hoof Abscess Kit

Amazon.com: Kaeco Equine Hoof Abscess Kit: Sports & Outdoors.

Milo is suffering from a nasty abscess not to mention just some old age, old man who’s done too much soreness. He’s look pretty miserable the last couple days. Fortunately, I skipped class today and went to the barn instead. Milo had his feet done a week ago and seemed just a bit banged up and stiff. Wednesday he could hardly walk. I was really worried, he’s never taken a lame step. Today though, another farrier happened to be at the barn and offered to take a look at him. At first, there was a thought that he might be facing some major problems, but then…a nasty, giant abscess popped through. He dug it out, salved it up, and wrapped it. Thank God there was not something worse going on.

So, a week of soaking, packing , and wrapping is ahead but that’s OK. I’ve been there and done that before. I was looking online though for Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice and found they make a whole kit for abscesses! $38 on Amazon. I think this is a great kit for people who don’t have much experience with it all!

2 responses to “Kaeco Equine Hoof Abscess Kit

  1. Have you seen those plastic bags that tie up so you don’t have to use a bucket?

  2. I have seen them! I like the idea, but I kinda wonder what happens if a horse freaks out with it on. I’m guessing it just comes apart. But I can see one freaking out that it’s stuck on them! haha

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