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Stuff Riders Say: Part II

Another great video from SmartPak. I love these. So funny. So true!


I Dream of a Place…

So, in writing this blog and looking for ways to keep it filled, I’ve come to realize a few things: 1. There are a lot of horse people 2. There aren’t a lot of horse-people friendly establishments. 3. Small town tack stores are getting harder to find. 4. I live way too far from the awesome tack stores I’d love to visit.

When I say, “there aren’t a lot of horse-people friendly establishments,”  I’m not talking about barns, tackshops, or feed stores. I’m talking about places to grab a cup of coffee in your barn clothes with your barn friends, for committee meetings, to sit down and  read some damn horse books, and of course, the big one, to do horse laundry.

So, I dream of a place…

In a cool old building with compfy chairs, coffee, pastries…and of course horse stuff! This is my dream place what my dream place is for:

  • A library with all the horse books you can imagine, to read, check out and examine
  • A library full of training dvds, past horse shows, and great movies, and a place to view them
  • A great scanner, a few computers, a good printer…where you can update your website, scan registration papers, or make copies for a sale
  •  a big comfy conference room just for committee meetings or 4-H sub-club meetings, or paper signing. and in this room, a projector to hook up live-web casts.
  • an Equine Laundry service (drop off dirty, pick up clean!)
  • a bar with coffee, tea, and pastries or treats.
  • A giant chalk board with the best hay, grain, and shavings prices around!
  • a cafe setting with chairs and tables to meet friends and look through the newest catalogs and horse journals
  • There would be a lovely organized display of consignment tack/show clothes (not old crap just stuffed onto a crowded clothes rack)
  • Maybe a display of a couple of really great show outfits?
  • a trophy case where local horsemen can show off awards for a while
  • where local artisans could bring the horse products and art to sell!

All this plus a million other things! This is a place I dream about. I wish it could exist because I would be there 24/7 chatting with people, buying stuff, and relaxing in my boots and jeans with a good cup of joe.

When I’m not riding, I still want to be surrounded by horse things and people. I honestly think horse stuff is the only thing I’ve never gotten tire of.

Stuff Riders Say: SmartPak Gets Funny.

I just happened to see that my sister liked a video on facebook. I had to check it out because it was horse related and ended up watching SmartPak’s video, Stuff Riders Say. It is so true, and so funny! I can’t wait for more to come!

Catching Up…Again.

Sorry for the lack of posts, again. There has been a ton going on! School has not wasted anytime in swamping me with papers, reading, and research. I think I’m already behind! (YIKES!) My riding and getting in shape goals have fallen behind too…go figure.

I’ve been spending pretty much the last week and a half straight with Todd. He left early this morning for Georgia and won’t return until March. After that he will start a crazy schedule working for CSX. I’m really going to miss him! But, I’m taking this time as he won’t be around to distract me. I’ll get to focus solely on the horses, not eating terrible, and school! Woot!

Coming up, I’m hoping to get some of these types of posts up!

  • Exercises for the rider,
  • What to buy as the new year takes off (memberships, wormers…anything you can save money on for the whole year)
  • Sunday Steals
  • Look for Less ideas
  • Show Schedules
  • A whole thing about saving money, reusing things, and making life with horses easier
  • Some ideas for the future of the blog!

See you all soon!

Equine Chronicle » Donate Your Show Clothes to Colleges, Therapeutic Programs

Used show clothes you just can’t get rid of? If you’ve had trouble selling show clothes or want to be charitable don’t send them to GoodWill, send them to the Rider’s Closet! Equine Chronicle wrote a great article on how to pass along your used show clothes to poor college student who can use them!

Equine Chronicle » Donate Your Show Clothes to Colleges, Therapeutic Programs.

Black and White Showmanship Jacket | eBay

Black and White Western Showmanship Halter Jacket M | eBay.

I like the sparkle, and I love the collar!

Surviving the Final Semester

Spring 2012 is set to be final semester of college. May 1st, I should be a college graduate, if I survive. This was the first week of school and it’s been interesting. So far, I have one awesome professor, 1 OK, and 2 absolutely dreadful ones. One of the horrible teachers looks like Brendan Frasier. Not. Even. Joking. He seems nice at first but then is actually very arrogant, and he doesn’t like football (weirdo). My senior seminar teacher is just frustrating. She’s moved class off campus, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have a class 15 min later…I can either pay to park and drive in rush hour traffic or walk the mile and a quarter, at night, through part of campus I don’t really feel that safe on…alone. Either way, I’m not sure about getting to class on time. I’ve also calculated I will be writing approximately 100 pages or more throughout the semester.

OK. Enough complaining. April 30th is the end and I can make it! Now, to figure out when I’m going to ride and ‘workout’ like I planned. I’m seeing lots of coffee, late nights, and no social life in the immediate future! Thankfully, I have class only 3 days a week! Tuesday’s I have class from 3-8.40pm (yuck)!

I’m still working on a few changes and updates to the blog too!

Let the madness commence.