A New Year…Another Attempt to Fit into My Show Clothes

Instead of getting in shape last year, I bought chap inserts. I still don’t fit into any of my show clothes. Yuck. So, this year (again) I’d like to lose around 15 lbs. This year though, I’m going to find ways to incorporate my horses into it more. How? um…posting a lot without stirrups? running laps in the sandy arena? only eating carrots and applesauce?

So far, I’ve given myself some help by purchasing two books, The Total Rider and The Rider’s Fitness Program. I was able to purchase both books for around $20.00 together, though I had to order them because it’s really hard to find horse books in stores!

Both books feature a wide variety of exercises that are specifically helpful to horseman. The Total Rider also tackles rider diet too. My plan is to combine these exercises, cardio (probably  running, yuck), and riding a lot! I will also be trying to eat a lot better! I think the most difficult task will be finding the time during this semester, which is my last and most likely my most intense semester yet.

There are so many different diets and exercise plans out there it gets overwhelming, that’s why it was important for me to find one targeting horseman. I need a focus, something  I didn’t really have last year. Maybe, if I’m brave enough, I’ll share details and progress as I go!

I may also purchase a Pilates for horseman book at some point too, but for now, just the two!


One response to “A New Year…Another Attempt to Fit into My Show Clothes

  1. You know…I was facing the same weight problem! And although I haven’t shown in years, my jeans size kept getting larger and THAT is downright depressing! I am not much of a dieter. I don’t like being hungry and diets always mean just that. On top of being hungry, they expect you to EXERCISE too?! What. The. Heck. But I found something that changed it all for me. I picked up a book from WallyWorld called, The 17 Day Diet, by Dr Mike Moreno. After all, I figured I can do anything for a mere 17 days. Dude. I lost 35 pounds, was never hungry and had no sugar (DrPepper) cravings. I went from a size 12 back down to a size 6! The diet actually reset my metabolism and I have kept the weight off without even trying. I only say this because I can sympathize with you about show clothing. Much too expensive to let that happen! I have so much energy now, guess what? I am going to start showing again…not big time, but I have 4 horses that are green (and 6 that are finished!), and that ought to be fun, eh?! Now to decide on colors…

    So try it kiddo! I have absolutely NO will power, so if I can do it, YOU can do it! I’ll see YOU in the show ring!


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