Surviving the Final Semester

Spring 2012 is set to be final semester of college. May 1st, I should be a college graduate, if I survive. This was the first week of school and it’s been interesting. So far, I have one awesome professor, 1 OK, and 2 absolutely dreadful ones. One of the horrible teachers looks like Brendan Frasier. Not. Even. Joking. He seems nice at first but then is actually very arrogant, and he doesn’t like football (weirdo). My senior seminar teacher is just frustrating. She’s moved class off campus, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have a class 15 min later…I can either pay to park and drive in rush hour traffic or walk the mile and a quarter, at night, through part of campus I don’t really feel that safe on…alone. Either way, I’m not sure about getting to class on time. I’ve also calculated I will be writing approximately 100 pages or more throughout the semester.

OK. Enough complaining. April 30th is the end and I can make it! Now, to figure out when I’m going to ride and ‘workout’ like I planned. I’m seeing lots of coffee, late nights, and no social life in the immediate future! Thankfully, I have class only 3 days a week! Tuesday’s I have class from 3-8.40pm (yuck)!

I’m still working on a few changes and updates to the blog too!

Let the madness commence.


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