Catching Up…Again.

Sorry for the lack of posts, again. There has been a ton going on! School has not wasted anytime in swamping me with papers, reading, and research. I think I’m already behind! (YIKES!) My riding and getting in shape goals have fallen behind too…go figure.

I’ve been spending pretty much the last week and a half straight with Todd. He left early this morning for Georgia and won’t return until March. After that he will start a crazy schedule working for CSX. I’m really going to miss him! But, I’m taking this time as he won’t be around to distract me. I’ll get to focus solely on the horses, not eating terrible, and school! Woot!

Coming up, I’m hoping to get some of these types of posts up!

  • Exercises for the rider,
  • What to buy as the new year takes off (memberships, wormers…anything you can save money on for the whole year)
  • Sunday Steals
  • Look for Less ideas
  • Show Schedules
  • A whole thing about saving money, reusing things, and making life with horses easier
  • Some ideas for the future of the blog!

See you all soon!


One response to “Catching Up…Again.

  1. good luck on your upcoming posts! 🙂

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