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Show Outfit Planning

After planning my budget for the Summer, I’ve realized breed shows are probably not going to be my aim. I’m still a poor, college student! With the price of diesel and entry fees…it just doesn’t seem feasible. So, I will be hitting the local circuit, having fun, and getting Tango some experience.

I’m actually OK with this because the more laid back atmosphere means I get to pick out a less extravagant show outfit. I really like this because right now, my fancy show clothes are still too tight!

My favorite show outfit is the classic white shirt, dark jeans, and black accessories. It can even be modified to be classy in the breed showpen. I’ve put together the look for under $500.00 minus chaps…which would add about $180.00 to the total. Since, I’m only doing open shows and wearing nice, dark jeans, I can skip chaps. I’ve priced everything from Rod’s Western Wear with my personal favorites. Here’s the look!


Just Another Day

I think, almost half way through the semester, I am starting to get  a handle on things. Of course withdrawing from one class has helped. This past Sunday, I decided “the Enlightenment” was the worst class I have ever taken and my loathing for my professor was at some point going to hurt my grade even more. Avoiding a “Fail,” I withdrew from the class and promptly did a little happy dance.

Now, I can focus on my other three classes, most importantly my senior seminar. I will have to take one Summer class…then…woot…I will be a college graduate.

Today, I get to give an 8 minute presentation on my research design for my thesis, which is about the FFA emblem and jacket. It should be terrifying.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been riding much. It’s sad. The last few times I’ve ridden Tango in just a halter and lead rope. She’s been really good given I never ride her bareback and without a bridle. I think she’s finally grown up! The break from ‘working’ with her has been nice too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to just enjoy the horse and experience and not worry about being perfect.

In other news, Todd comes home Saturday! I can’t wait! I think yesterday I finally started to really miss him. Ha. Ha. Well, for now I have to get back to revising this stupid paper. Have a lovely week!


*Two Creeks* ShowmanshipJacket | eBay

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

Cute, hot pink, black, and white Two Creeks jacket! Size Medium!

Lexington in Spring!

This afternoon I searched for 20 gallon tubs and planters for this years garden. I was really excited when I came across a site that sells sweet 20 gallon tubs for $10 each and real whiskey half barrels for $30. The company happens to be in Lexington, which at first disappointed me; that’s a long drive for planters. Then, I had a wonderful thought! Lexington in Spring…Thoroughbred farms, baby horses…why wouldn’t I want an excuse to go!? So, I think I will be making the trip to see some babies, get some tubs, and maybe stop at an antique store or two on the way. Who wants to go with?


Hobby Horse’s 2012 Fashion Forecast

Hobby Horse Fashion Forecast

Check out Hobby Horse’s 2012 Fashion Forecast. I’m anticipating the release of their 2012 collection. So far, I’ve seen a really lovely turquoise and silver shirt, the “Gemma.” I can’t wait to see the price and more options. And, I’m still loving the turquoise chaps they added last year!

Hints for Purchasing Consignment Clothing: Carolyn Berry of Berry Fit

First Impression from Berry Fit Company

I recommend used show clothing all the time, as a way to make money and save money. However, I am not a seamstress and often can’t give a good suggestion on fitting used-clothes over the internet, when you can’t try them on. Luckily, I just read a lovely blog post by Carolyn Berry, owner of Berry Fit Company. She’s written a nice piece on how to get the right fit on consignment clothing, Tips on Purchasing Consignment Clothing

Western Pleasure Jacket: eBay

eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices.

I’m not a huge fan of animal prints, but I think this would be cute for a youth class paired with black chaps and hat! It will make a statement without being too over-the-top! (bidding currently at $51.00)