Just Another Day

I think, almost half way through the semester, I am starting to get  a handle on things. Of course withdrawing from one class has helped. This past Sunday, I decided “the Enlightenment” was the worst class I have ever taken and my loathing for my professor was at some point going to hurt my grade even more. Avoiding a “Fail,” I withdrew from the class and promptly did a little happy dance.

Now, I can focus on my other three classes, most importantly my senior seminar. I will have to take one Summer class…then…woot…I will be a college graduate.

Today, I get to give an 8 minute presentation on my research design for my thesis, which is about the FFA emblem and jacket. It should be terrifying.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been riding much. It’s sad. The last few times I’ve ridden Tango in just a halter and lead rope. She’s been really good given I never ride her bareback and without a bridle. I think she’s finally grown up! The break from ‘working’ with her has been nice too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to just enjoy the horse and experience and not worry about being perfect.

In other news, Todd comes home Saturday! I can’t wait! I think yesterday I finally started to really miss him. Ha. Ha. Well, for now I have to get back to revising this stupid paper. Have a lovely week!



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