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Thank you to everybody who has supported this blog! I close this month with more views than any other month in the blog’s history, and more views in one month than entire first year! Thanks again! And I can’t wait to post more and continue to gain readers!


DIY Boot Dyeing

I was recently browsing around on Pinterest (of course…because I’m obsessed) and saw that a horse-show fan pinned a tutorial on dyeing leather shoes. I followed the ling and was impressed by the post! So, if you’re thinking of dyeing some boots this year, either for a revival or a new color, check out this post by Crochet Clouds for some tips.

The guide is for a pair of leather shoes, but don't worry, it's a good guide for leather boots too! Just be sure to tape of the soles!


I’ve been working on papers, the 4-H website…and a few other things, like my new blog (coming in July). I still haven’t gotten to be very consistent about riding  yet and the suddenly summer weather has made for a couple interesting rides. You see, I didn’t blanket any of the horses this year so they are pretty hairy. Well, last Wednesday, I was riding Tango and having a decent ride but she was getting really, really sweaty. Naturally, the thing to do if you’re a sweaty horse is to roll in a nice soft arena. She did just that. While I was still on her! I stepped off as she went down got her back up before she could roll all the way over. I was totally surprised but got back on and continued to walk-her-out. I stopped for a moment to tell Mom something and guess what happened…she did it again.

I got her up and went and hosed her down. Saturday (as I gave a demonstration to a group of 4-Hers) she did the same thing. Either the hairy-coat and weather really are just too much for her or she is a big wuss! I’m loving the unseasonably warm weather but, I’m not sure about my hairy horse.

We will see how tonight’s ride goes. Until I share my next adventure, here’s a sneak preview at the ‘header’ for my new blog. It may or may not change before I actually switch over to that blog. Enjoy!

$10 Tuesday Tees are Back at Wild Horsefeathers!

Equestrian Chic Tee-Wild Horsefeathers

Equestrian Chic Tee-Wild Horsefeathers.

I am so glad to see the $10 tees back at Wild Horsefeathers again! Great horsey shirts at a low price!!!

In the Future…

As the light at the end of the tunnel of my college career becomes brighter, I’m thinking about what’s next. I am pretty, amped, stoked, excited, really excited about school coming to end. I think my brain has already checked out, which is unfortunate because I still have a ton of papers left to write (yikes). So, with that, July 1st, I plan on reinventing my blogging life. I will be switching to my new blog, “The Homemade Horseman.”

I don’t know if it’s the effects of Pinterest or just the number of ideas I’ve had to come up with, due to lack of money, but I’ve becoming increasingly interested in “making” my own stuff. I have about a billion plans all of which I hope to share and complete when I finish school. I will keep on sharing my adventures in the show ring (when I can finally afford to get back there) and my life.

When I started this blog 2 years ago my life was different and it’s going to change even more in the next few years! I’m excited for that and excited to keep blogging about all things horsey!

Now, off to procrastinate and enjoy some beautiful weather!

(I think it’s even warm enough for the horses to get a bath!)


Measuring for Show Clothes

Ready for 2012 show outfit shopping? Before you leave home or get started searching for deals online, you should have a friend, family member, or tailor take all the necessary measurements for show clothes.

Above is an illustration of where the measuring tape needs to go to properly measure for show clothes, including chaps. Write down the measurement in the list below and have it handy when looking at clothes online, in catalogs, or even while you browse at the shop.

Tips: Be sure to measure wearing any underwear, shape-wear and clothes that will be worn under the garment. This includes pants under chaps, and jackets; hunt shirts under hunt jackets etc

Show Clothes Measurements (printable .pdf)

Shirt & Jacket Measurements:

_______1. Neck circumference

_______2. Neck to point of shoulder

_______3. Back shoulder width (measured horizontally form the end of the shoulder bone across to the other end).

_  _____4. Top of shoulder at neckline to point of bust

_______5. BUST (around the largest part).

_______6. Natural WAISTLINE

_______7. HIPS (around the widest part).

_______8. Front length (neck to waist)

_______9. Fullest part of upper arm just below armhole

_______10. Measure circumference of forearm

_______11. Sleeve Length (from point of shoulder to knuckles).

Pants & Chaps Measurements:

________1. Natural Waistline

________2. Widest Part of the Hips

________3. Widest Part of the Thigh (all the way around)

________4. Mid Thigh (all the way around

________5. Knee (all the way around

________6. Calf (all the way around)

________7. Ankle (all the way around)

________8. Inseam

________9. Out seam

________10. Crotch Depth (While sitting, from waist to chair seat)

________11. Crotch Length (from waist in front, through legs to waist in back. Divide front from back at midpoint, may not be even)

________13. Finished Jacket length (taken down center of back to where you want the hem to be)

2012 Hobby Horse Standouts

The 2012 Hobby Horse catalog arrived a few days ago. There are some really nice new options and a few I just don’t get. There are three new pieces that really standout to me. The “Gemma” blouse comes in three colors and is a simple yet showy option with its metallic accents and bright colors, but classic fit. The “Riverside” tunic adds a lot of dimension. Show clothes have been trending towards a lot of texture and depth; “Riverside” offers both without being overdone. It comes in four different colors/patterns, although my favorites are the “turqua” and olive. My favorite new addition to the Hobby Horse line is the “Dixie” blouse. It’s a simple white or black, button down, show shirt. I am thrilled to see simplicity finding its way back into the ring. A  well-fitted, button down shirt will always look classy in the show pen.

With fuel prices on the rise and everything else costing more, simple show outfits are going to become  more prominent at local, state, and regional shows. I think it will be nice to see.