I’ve been working on papers, the 4-H website…and a few other things, like my new blog (coming in July). I still haven’t gotten to be very consistent about riding  yet and the suddenly summer weather has made for a couple interesting rides. You see, I didn’t blanket any of the horses this year so they are pretty hairy. Well, last Wednesday, I was riding Tango and having a decent ride but she was getting really, really sweaty. Naturally, the thing to do if you’re a sweaty horse is to roll in a nice soft arena. She did just that. While I was still on her! I stepped off as she went down got her back up before she could roll all the way over. I was totally surprised but got back on and continued to walk-her-out. I stopped for a moment to tell Mom something and guess what happened…she did it again.

I got her up and went and hosed her down. Saturday (as I gave a demonstration to a group of 4-Hers) she did the same thing. Either the hairy-coat and weather really are just too much for her or she is a big wuss! I’m loving the unseasonably warm weather but, I’m not sure about my hairy horse.

We will see how tonight’s ride goes. Until I share my next adventure, here’s a sneak preview at the ‘header’ for my new blog. It may or may not change before I actually switch over to that blog. Enjoy!

4 responses to “Preview.

  1. The phrase “a horse-filled life…one step at a time” is difficult to read. However, I do love the cute, vintage look of the girl and the toned-down colors.

    • thanks! I have been adjusting the colors/placement for a while…as well as fonts and graphics. I’m sure it will probably change a couple times before I get it just right.

      • christyrevans

        Yea, it’s tricky! I like your blog, too, btw. I think all the “extra” time you’ve spent in school b/c of showing is totally worth it! So what if you didn’t take the 4-year route? You’re doing what it takes to be able to do the things you love! I literally live in a barn right now b/c I can’t afford to board my horses anywhere, and I love it!

      • Thanks! Sometimes it gets overwhelming to see the kids who’ve gotten a lot of help and who are getting opportunities to show and win because someone else if footing the bill. It can be really disappointing, until I think about how the animals and any of my successes come through my own hard work. I love hearing from other people working their butts off for what they love, that’s why I started this blog!

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