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Gardening for Horses

I’m not sure how many of you know how much I love gardening, but it’s A LOT! This year as I plan out the insane amounts of veggies I think I’m going to grow, I want to take a moment and consider my horses. Sure, they’re spoiled enough, but what horse wouldn’t want a handful of fresh yummies out of the garden?

I’m also taking the “I’ll grow my own horse treats” path because making/baking horse treats did not end up well for me. My homemade horse treats looked kind of sad and soggy. They also rotted within a day or two. Now, I’m taking my chances with “homegrown” horse treats.

It would be awesome to grow an apple tree but I really don’t have the time, room, or patience for that. I don’t think the ponies want to wait that long for treats either. So, I’m sticking to the cheap and easy-to-do-anywhere treats: carrot and white dutch clover.

Carrots! This spring I will be planting “Atomic Red,” “Cosmic Purple,” Parisienne”, and “Danvers Half Long.” I’m not sure if the horses will like all the varieties or not. The “Half Longs” are what I figure will be the “Horse Carrots.” I plan on putting them in a big old 20 gallon tub with hole in the bottom for drainage. This could be the perfect idea for an old beat up muck bucket or rusted out water trough. You could also easily plant them in smaller containers as well. I love the idea of setting a few pots out by the barn doors to grab as you walk in the door! They can be planted multiple times too, so you’ll never run out of horse treats. Here’s a few tips on growing carrots in containers!

White Dutch Clover is pretty common and everywhere in most pastures, but I thought it would be fun to grow in an old galvanized bucket I have. I can grab a handful along with a couple fresh carrots and proceed to spoil my horses further. I think, in a big enough container, it could be grown together with the carrots…but sow the carrot seeds first and wait til they are large enough to compete.

Together, the two homegrown treats can be fun, cheap, and a “fresh” way to spoil your horse! I can’t wait to start growing some veggies!

Equestrian Exercises – America’s Horse Daily


Equestrian Exercises – America’s Horse Daily.

I meant to post this the other day when I first saw it, but my mind has been focused on papers, midterms, and other school stuff. It’s a short and sweet article about a few exercises that benefit all-around riders! I really need to start working this (it hasn’t been going so well, so far)!

Oldest 2012 Olympic Competitor: 70 year-old Equestrian

70-year-old equestrian’s Olympic ‘miracle’ | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports.

Yahoo, is giving horse-people some attention! Check out this short article about Japanese equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu!