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This semester is over. Just waiting for grades now (yikes). I will be taking one night class through May and June, two nights a week but it shouldn’t be too bad of a class.

I am so ready to start into horse things again though…and um yeah, I think I was trying to get in shape too?

I earned a little extra money the last week or so by selling two pairs of my chaps and some of my extra tomato plants. It is all going into a piggy bank just for horse things! I’ve started sewing a little over the weekend and have a lot of plans for what I’m going to make!

By the end of the summer I hope I can perfect some of the ideas I have and start networking! I will also be switching to my new blog “Homemade Horseman” where I hope to add more links and info on others like myself. There are a lot of horseman working on the side to earn some money for showing and living with horses and they make some great products too!

We will see how it goes. I have a lot of ideas let’s see if I have the ambition to get the ball rolling.

All that said, I hope everybody is finishing with finals or whatnot and getting a chance to get the show season started!


Fly Spray!

Check out this article on fly control. It breaks down what types of ingredients that are used and how they are used. It’s getting to bet that time of year!

Horse fly control.


Last week, I went shopping. It was OK. I found some really good smelling, volumizing conditioner that I considered buying. It was a fancy brand and came in a huge bottle, plus it was on sale at Marshall’s. I thought about buying it for a half-hour as I walked around the store. Ultimately, I decided $16.00 is just too much money for conditioner.

Yesterday, I bought a few things for the horses…including these cool little horse shoe halter racks, a bit for Tango, and one other thing. I’ve been really curious about the Germany based  brand, Effol. They are sub-brand of a larger company that has been producing products for over 100 years. I happened to see their, “Ocean-Star Spray Shampoo” on the Rod’s website. It took me all five seconds to realize I was going to buy it, even if it cost $16.95. Spray Shampoo for horses!? Sweet. And I finally get to try one of Effol’s products.

Then, I realized…this little “most interesting man” knockoff for horse people, is so true.  When it comes to buying things for myself….I always want cheap, cheap, cheap. As soon as horse things are involved, I will spend my money. My horses are so spoiled.

In other news…I have replaced the phone I dropped in the toilet. I have 3/4 of a page written out of the approximately 16 pages worth of papers dues this next week. Bleh.


I haven’t forgotten about this blog…I am currently in paper mode. April 30th, it will be over!

From the Horse’s Mouth: a Beer Review

Yesterday, Todd and I enjoyed the lovely weather and a day off out at the barn. While, I rode we enjoyed a few  bottles of Miller High Life. Out of curiosity, we decided to see what the horses thought of it, so here it is a review of Miller High Life…according to Tango, Milo, and Ozzy.

I first offered Tango (my mare) a sip while were still in the arena just after my ride. She tested it and immediately dug her muzzle into the dirt. Tango’s initial opinion was Dirt > Miller High Life. Next, Todd offered it to her while being groomed in the cross ties, she threw her head up, wiggled her lips, showed her teeth, and backed away. Clearly, she does not approve of MHL.

We then tested the beer on Milo, who seemed interested at first then backed away, putting his head up as high as he possibly could to avoid it. Milo does not approve of MHL.

Todd approached Ozzy while he was in his stall. Ozzy, like Milo and Tango, refused the beer and seemed disgusted. Ozzy does not approve MHL.

3 out of 3 horses do NOT approve of Miller High Life.

Now…what beer should they review next?

International Carrot Day!

Today is International Carrot Day! Why not celebrate by visiting your ponies and bringing them a treat…a tasty fresh carrot!

At present, this is all I really want to type…I am in the hurricane that is writing term papers and a senior thesis. YUUUUCCCKKKKY! only 20 more days until all the papers are done though! Woot!

Wild Horsefeathers Bags & Equestrian Totes 20% Off!

Wild Horsefeathers Horse Gifts I Horse Bags & Equestrian Totes for Horse Lovers.

Don’t miss out on this sale! They some pretty cute totes and bags! My favorite is the “Ride Forever” Messenger!

Wild Horsefeathers Horse Gifts I Horse Bags & Equestrian Totes for Horse Lovers

Wild Horsefeathers Horse Gifts I Horse Bags & Equestrian Totes for Horse Lovers