This semester is over. Just waiting for grades now (yikes). I will be taking one night class through May and June, two nights a week but it shouldn’t be too bad of a class.

I am so ready to start into horse things again though…and um yeah, I think I was trying to get in shape too?

I earned a little extra money the last week or so by selling two pairs of my chaps and some of my extra tomato plants. It is all going into a piggy bank just for horse things! I’ve started sewing a little over the weekend and have a lot of plans for what I’m going to make!

By the end of the summer I hope I can perfect some of the ideas I have and start networking! I will also be switching to my new blog “Homemade Horseman” where I hope to add more links and info on others like myself. There are a lot of horseman working on the side to earn some money for showing and living with horses and they make some great products too!

We will see how it goes. I have a lot of ideas let’s see if I have the ambition to get the ball rolling.

All that said, I hope everybody is finishing with finals or whatnot and getting a chance to get the show season started!


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