Long Time-No Post

Yep, I’m still using this blog. I still haven’t completed my new one. What have I been doing these last few months? Um…I got engaged! Woot! I accepted a full-time position in the lab (for now). I think that actually is it. I’ve been riding more and helping Mom nurse Ozzy and his E. Coli infection, which has officially cleared. Um. Um. I lead a relatively boring life.

School is back in session on campus and I will admit, on occasion I miss History classes but for the most part, I don’t miss school at all. My student loans are going in to repayment one-by-one which is really terrifying. I constantly worry about how I will pay for them and keep up my horsey lifestyle.  Yuck to being a grown-up.

I won’t be getting Congress this year, unfortunately. Ozzy’s vet bills just ate up any of the money that Mom and I would have spent going. Oh well, I’ve been watching some of it online.

Now, the real reason I posted is because I switched my banner to the “Halloween Edition.” What can I say?

I am still working on my new site including a bunch of merchandise to be sold…if I’d only take some damn pictures of it all! There will be a bit of a variety for horsey-folks that want more than just the run-of-the-mill products. Right now all have pictures of are the cosmetic bags I’m making. You can check out a couple of the bags I’ve sold and a few that are still available by clicking on the photo below which links to my Facebook page. I have quite a few more already made just no pictures yet! So if you see something you like or have an idea, let me know 🙂

After a Long Break…

It’s been almost two months since my last post. A lot of “life” has taken place during that time. Highlights: becoming an aunt, graduating college, showing (a little), insane heatwaves, and well…I don’t know just stuff.

I’ve mentioned wanting to move on to a new blog, “The Homemade Horseman” which I still plan on starting up sometime this year. I want to make sure I have enough to write about, make, and sell; yes, sell, before I actually put get into it.

I’ve been reading a lot of Dick Francis lately, attempting to see the olympic Equestrian events on T.V., working, and being creative in general. I’ve also really enjoyed being a complete bum too. Until I get my post-college life in some sort of order and my new site up, this blog will just have to serve as the “Just Graduated College Horseman” blog.

I have to admit, I’ve been in a weird sort of depression since finishing school. I’ve been a student almost all of my life, and a college student for a very long time. It has really defined who I am and now it’s over. Thankfully, but a bit awkwardly as well! On to the real world, I guess. And YIKES!

Todd, Tango, and I at an open show in May.