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The Weekend!

This past weekend, I finally go Tango in the show pen. We showed in halter, two showmanship classes, two English pleasure classes, and one western pleasure class. We placed 2nd in showmanship and 4th in everything else the rest of the day. Considering I didn’t ride her in the arena until our first class, she was great. The bleachers, flag pole with a waving flag, and plenty of people didn’t seem to bother her one bit! How’s that for an inexperienced show horse? Our patterns and rides were nowhere near perfect but they were fun. It feels great getting back into the show pen!

A few days before the show, I came up with an idea to make a stall sign for her. Without any real plan in my brain about how to make one, I was able to put together a pretty cool little sign for less than $5.00 and it lasted through the heat of the weekend. I think I’m going to make a couple more for the other horses and see what improvements I can make. Once I have, I’ll post a tutorial!What do you think? Pretty cute…huh? I think the 2nd and 3rd line could have been bigger; maybe next time. I liked the fact I could make it completely custom to me. I don’t think there is any limit to what could be added to this type of stall sign. Plus with the low cost, you could make a new one whenever you want. I also think it would be a fun project to do for a 4-H club!


From the Horse’s Mouth: a Beer Review

Yesterday, Todd and I enjoyed the lovely weather and a day off out at the barn. While, I rode we enjoyed a few¬† bottles of Miller High Life. Out of curiosity, we decided to see what the horses thought of it, so here it is a review of Miller High Life…according to Tango, Milo, and Ozzy.

I first offered Tango (my mare) a sip while were still in the arena just after my ride. She tested it and immediately dug her muzzle into the dirt. Tango’s initial opinion was Dirt > Miller High Life. Next, Todd offered it to her while being groomed in the cross ties, she threw her head up, wiggled her lips, showed her teeth, and backed away. Clearly, she does not approve of MHL.

We then tested the beer on Milo, who seemed interested at first then backed away, putting his head up as high as he possibly could to avoid it. Milo does not approve of MHL.

Todd approached Ozzy while he was in his stall. Ozzy, like Milo and Tango, refused the beer and seemed disgusted. Ozzy does not approve MHL.

3 out of 3 horses do NOT approve of Miller High Life.

Now…what beer should they review next?


I’ve been working on papers, the 4-H website…and a few other things, like my new blog (coming in July). I still haven’t gotten to be very consistent about riding¬† yet and the suddenly summer weather has made for a couple interesting rides. You see, I didn’t blanket any of the horses this year so they are pretty hairy. Well, last Wednesday, I was riding Tango and having a decent ride but she was getting really, really sweaty. Naturally, the thing to do if you’re a sweaty horse is to roll in a nice soft arena. She did just that. While I was still on her! I stepped off as she went down got her back up before she could roll all the way over. I was totally surprised but got back on and continued to walk-her-out. I stopped for a moment to tell Mom something and guess what happened…she did it again.

I got her up and went and hosed her down. Saturday (as I gave a demonstration to a group of 4-Hers) she did the same thing. Either the hairy-coat and weather really are just too much for her or she is a big wuss! I’m loving the unseasonably warm weather but, I’m not sure about my hairy horse.

We will see how tonight’s ride goes. Until I share my next adventure, here’s a sneak preview at the ‘header’ for my new blog. It may or may not change before I actually switch over to that blog. Enjoy!

Lexington in Spring!

This afternoon I searched for 20 gallon tubs and planters for this years garden. I was really excited when I came across a site that sells sweet 20 gallon tubs for $10 each and real whiskey half barrels for $30. The company happens to be in Lexington, which at first disappointed me; that’s a long drive for planters. Then, I had a wonderful thought! Lexington in Spring…Thoroughbred farms, baby horses…why wouldn’t I want an excuse to go!? So, I think I will be making the trip to see some babies, get some tubs, and maybe stop at an antique store or two on the way. Who wants to go with?