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Fun Stuff at National Ropers Supply

I love NRS. I’ve been picking up awesome tack from the store for years now. Amongst my favorite items are a pair of spur straps and headstall/reins set I use on Milo. I am almost constantly adding the products they sell to my wishlist. This spring is no different! I received their catalog last week and proceeded to earmark just about every single page. Sometimes both outside corners were folded because I found so many things I liked!

I’m thinking about picking up this Tin Haul shirt ($74.99) because of the lovely color palate and easy fit. I think it would make a fun show shirt for summer open shows. I’m also intrigued by Wrangler’s Booty-Up American Royal Jeans ($60.00). I’m a Wrangler girl…and have not seen or tried this cut but it claims to lift and define your butt and flatter curves….hmmm. Moving on, I’ve found about half-a-dozen belts I would love to wear which I’ll just list a few of and you can check out for yourself: Ariat’s Blossom Pink and Brown Belt ($99.95), Double J’s Floral Antique Brown Buckstitch ($250.00), A more affordable version of that belt is the Natural Floral Buckstitch Belt ($49.99).

As far as boots go, you might as well just buy me every pair you see. I cannot have enough boots, even if I usually end up wearing my same old half-dead tan boots which need to be thrown out. I am currently set on replacing them with Tin Haul’s “Man Eater Gnarly Shark” boots ($229.00) They are so ridiculous. I love them. Never-mind that I actually need some new show boots and just tough comfortable boots. I still want these.

I’ve  been thinking about getting a garden hat. Nobody sees me in the garden…which means it is a perfect place to go for something really, really crazy, like the Coyote Mexican Palm Hat ($29.99). It could be fun right? Maybe I just have a desire to try it on a laugh, because I’m sure that’s all I would really do with it.

Now to Tack! I don’t barrel race (really, just fun stuff at shows) but I can appreciate a cool saddle of any kind, so take a look at the Double J Brittany Pozzi Vintage Barrel Saddle ($2799.00). It’s pretty awesome. NRS has a cool array of breast collars, bridles, and reins too. This Martin Alpaca/Mohair Breastcollar ($139.99) is one of my favorites.

The entire section of headstalls is amazing, especially for unique tack for training…even a few things you could use in the show-pen. I’m not going to even touch which headstalls I love…it’s pretty much all of them. Go ahead and check them out yourself 🙂 .

They no longer carry the one type of quick change headstall I own but the reins to match it are still available. They’ve become my favorite reins period; tough, heavy, and comfortable and easy to switch from bit to bit. The “NRS Quick Change Western Horse Reins” range from 3/4″ thick at $59.99 to 5/8″ thick at $54.99. Great reins!

To keep this post from getting extremely long, I’m quitting there. My point? Check out National Ropers Supply. They have wonderful products, fast shipping, and great customer service. I am definitely a loyal customer…and I think I’m going to have to put an order in soon!





DIY Boot Dyeing

I was recently browsing around on Pinterest (of course…because I’m obsessed) and saw that a horse-show fan pinned a tutorial on dyeing leather shoes. I followed the ling and was impressed by the post! So, if you’re thinking of dyeing some boots this year, either for a revival or a new color, check out this post by Crochet Clouds for some tips.

The guide is for a pair of leather shoes, but don't worry, it's a good guide for leather boots too! Just be sure to tape of the soles!

Show Outfit Planning

After planning my budget for the Summer, I’ve realized breed shows are probably not going to be my aim. I’m still a poor, college student! With the price of diesel and entry fees…it just doesn’t seem feasible. So, I will be hitting the local circuit, having fun, and getting Tango some experience.

I’m actually OK with this because the more laid back atmosphere means I get to pick out a less extravagant show outfit. I really like this because right now, my fancy show clothes are still too tight!

My favorite show outfit is the classic white shirt, dark jeans, and black accessories. It can even be modified to be classy in the breed showpen. I’ve put together the look for under $500.00 minus chaps…which would add about $180.00 to the total. Since, I’m only doing open shows and wearing nice, dark jeans, I can skip chaps. I’ve priced everything from Rod’s Western Wear with my personal favorites. Here’s the look!

Winter Riding Boots

Soon wet, snowy, yucky, winter weather will be arriving. This year, I don’t want to deal with 4 pairs of socks, freezing toes, and leaky boots (I love my usual boots but they have a few weak spots!) Here are some of the best choices for winter riding boots I’ve been able to find. There are a few tall boots and a few shorter boots. My biggest concerns when looking for winter boots: warmth, waterproofing, traction without bulkiness, and the ability to ride with spurs…oh yeah and price.

Corral Boots!

Corral Boots are expensive. But. Sometimes, they go on sale. And. They have my size. For $179.00, the Crackle Cognac Cowgirl Boots are lovely! I would really, really like to buy them. I need new boots. I haven’t bought any in at least a year. That’s a long time for me.

I guess, for the moment (pay-day is Friday and I have ’til then to decide if I can justify them) I will just have to day-dream…and skip class. Oops. I have senioritis. Bad. Thank God this class has 10 day absent policy. I’m on day 5 (maybe 6). I’m still good, right?

Would You Wear These?

I’m not sure how I stumbled on these and at first I laughed, then I thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea.” Horseware Wellie Warmers are fleece inserts you stick in your boots for extra warmth in the winter. I pretty much stick with my good old Justin boots during the winter but I’m pretty sure I could make this work. I also looked up ‘wellie warmers‘ on Amazon and found a bunch of options for less.

I don’t really want to think about having to put in boot warmers but let’s face it cold weather is just around the corner!

What Would You Pay?

Well, I have more updates on the Horse Show Survival Kit, but I want the input of fellow horse people! What do you think it’s worth? My current list of items included in the kit totals around 57 different products (some of which have multiples). The kit includes everything you need on a show day…and then some. With this kit you can completely do your hair, makeup, and nails. It includes rain gear, sun protection (even sunglasses!) as well as items to combat the dirt and dust you pick up in the show pen. The kit also includes items to really complete you outfit; gloves, a stock pin, two sets of earrings, and two necklace sets. Items like Advil, boot pulls, boot socks, a sewing kit, first aid kit, and a number of other little items round out the kit to make your show day easier and your look more complete! The kit will come in its own plastic container but will include a makeup bag for the cosmetics! Oh and I forgot to mention each kit will be slightly different, many with a color scheme which can coordinate with your show outfit! So, I want to hear…what do you think it’s worth?