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The Weekend!

This past weekend, I finally go Tango in the show pen. We showed in halter, two showmanship classes, two English pleasure classes, and one western pleasure class. We placed 2nd in showmanship and 4th in everything else the rest of the day. Considering I didn’t ride her in the arena until our first class, she was great. The bleachers, flag pole with a waving flag, and plenty of people didn’t seem to bother her one bit! How’s that for an inexperienced show horse? Our patterns and rides were nowhere near perfect but they were fun. It feels great getting back into the show pen!

A few days before the show, I came up with an idea to make a stall sign for her. Without any real plan in my brain about how to make one, I was able to put together a pretty cool little sign for less than $5.00 and it lasted through the heat of the weekend. I think I’m going to make a couple more for the other horses and see what improvements I can make. Once I have, I’ll post a tutorial!What do you think? Pretty cute…huh? I think the 2nd and 3rd line could have been bigger; maybe next time. I liked the fact I could make it completely custom to me. I don’t think there is any limit to what could be added to this type of stall sign. Plus with the low cost, you could make a new one whenever you want. I also think it would be a fun project to do for a 4-H club!


Horse Gifts Continued!

After spending part of the day looking at the some 60,000 Etsy items with “horse” in the title, and getting only though a tiny fraction…I gave up. I did pin some cool ideas on Pinterest and decided it would be much easier to have just one board with “Horse Themed Gifts” than a whole bunch of separate ones. I have no limit to what’s on it except one; nothing over $200.00.  I hope the list gives you some good ideas of what to get your friends and family, or for things to put on your own list!!! Enjoy the weekend, friends!

Check out the “Horse Themed Gift” list here

Horse Themed Christmas Gifts: Etsy!

If you haven’t started Christmas shopping but are looking for some unique things to buy for the horse-lover in your life…I’ll be posting each day for the next week about a website with a variety of Christmas gifts! Today, I’m taking a look at Etsy!

To make it easier for me to add and continue to add great gift ideas from Etsy, I’ve created a board on Pinterest, just for gift ideas from Etsy! (click on the photo below to visit it! From there on, all you have to do is keep clicking the product you like and it will take you to it to be purchased!


Keeping Warm for Less!: Fleece

I love my Columbia Fleece Jacket. I wear it everywhere, whether or not it smell like a horse. I got a good deal on it too, at an outlet mall! Fleece gets expensive, like everything else though. I really recommend shopping sales (Old Navy has some good ones) and outlet malls. If you’re shopping online…here are some good choices!

Here’s a good look at these choices plus a few of the pricier options out there! Don’t forget to look at sales and free shipping dates to save money! Sometimes you will see a crazy good price on an item because of limited sizes!

click this photo to see a larger (actually readable) version of it!

I Love My Horse Frame-Wild Horsefeathers

New! I Love My Horse Frame-Wild Horsefeathers.

Another great gift idea for Christimas! This frame is exclusive to Wild Horsefeathers and costs $32.50. Pretty cute! If  you have some craft talent, you may be able to find a wide frame and create a DIY “I Love My Horse” frame or any other personalized frame!

New! I Love My Horse Frame-Wild Horsefeathers

Barefoot Horse Hoofprint Charm: Etsy

Barefoot Horse Hoofprint Equine Natural Hoof Care Hoof by KDemARTe.

Are you looking for inexpensive, unique gifts for your horsey friends? Check out this charm (plus a ton of other cute one from this seller). It’s a barefoot horse print! I love it because it’s not the typical horse shoe you see everybody with, and it’s handmade. The price is right too at $10.00!

Horsey Advent Calendar: Christmas Season Begins

I am thankful I am not out shopping. Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience. It is the first time parts of  my family have gotten to meet my boyfriend’s family. It was really nice to not be the one to have to travel to get the family time.  Tomorrow, Mom, Sara, and I will be heading to Kentucky to visit Claiborne Farm and the Kentucky Horse Park. It should be fun! Sunday, Milo will be moving t0 the barn Tango and Ozzy are at, to be a full-time indoor horse again.

The Christmas season is beginning now that Thanksgiving is over (I can’t believe is over already). When I was little, we always had an advent calendar. It’s a tradition I really loved; opening the little doors and getting a piece of chocolate. This year I’ve found one that I really love, a horsey one! Schneiders offers a very sweet horse themed advent calendar, complete with barn kitties and dogs. The chocolate behind each door is horse themed. The price for the lovely calendar is $23.95.