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Long Time-No Post

Yep, I’m still using this blog. I still haven’t completed my new one. What have I been doing these last few months? Um…I got engaged! Woot! I accepted a full-time position in the lab (for now). I think that actually is it. I’ve been riding more and helping Mom nurse Ozzy and his E. Coli infection, which has officially cleared. Um. Um. I lead a relatively boring life.

School is back in session on campus and I will admit, on occasion I miss History classes but for the most part, I don’t miss school at all. My student loans are going in to repayment one-by-one which is really terrifying. I constantly worry about how I will pay for them and keep up my horsey lifestyle.┬á Yuck to being a grown-up.

I won’t be getting Congress this year, unfortunately. Ozzy’s vet bills just ate up any of the money that Mom and I would have spent going. Oh well, I’ve been watching some of it online.

Now, the real reason I posted is because I switched my banner to the “Halloween Edition.” What can I say?

I am still working on my new site including a bunch of merchandise to be sold…if I’d only take some damn pictures of it all! There will be a bit of a variety for horsey-folks that want more than just the run-of-the-mill products. Right now all have pictures of are the cosmetic bags I’m making. You can check out a couple of the bags I’ve sold and a few that are still available by clicking on the photo below which links to my Facebook page. I have quite a few more already made just no pictures yet! So if you see something you like or have an idea, let me know ­čÖé



Last week, I went shopping. It was OK. I found some really good smelling, volumizing conditioner that I considered buying. It was a fancy brand and came in a huge bottle, plus it was on sale at Marshall’s. I thought about buying it for a half-hour as I walked around the store. Ultimately, I decided $16.00 is just too much money for conditioner.

Yesterday, I bought a few things for the horses…including these cool little horse shoe halter racks, a bit for Tango, and one other thing. I’ve been really curious about the Germany based┬á brand, Effol. They are sub-brand of a larger company that has been producing products for over 100 years. I happened to see their, “Ocean-Star Spray Shampoo” on the Rod’s website. It took me all five seconds to realize I was going to buy it, even if it cost $16.95. Spray Shampoo for horses!? Sweet. And I finally get to try one of Effol’s products.

Then, I realized…this little “most interesting man” knockoff for horse people, is so true.┬á When it comes to buying things for myself….I always want cheap, cheap, cheap. As soon as horse things are involved, I will spend my money. My horses are so spoiled.

In other news…I have replaced the phone I dropped in the toilet. I have 3/4 of a page written out of the approximately 16 pages worth of papers dues this next week. Bleh.

Stuff Riders Say: Part II

Another great video from SmartPak. I love these. So funny. So true!

Stuff Riders Say: SmartPak Gets Funny.

I just happened to see that my sister liked a video on facebook. I had to check it out because it was horse related and ended up watching SmartPak’s video, Stuff Riders Say. It is so true, and so funny! I can’t wait for more to come!

Equine Chronicle ┬╗ Donate Your Show Clothes to Colleges, Therapeutic Programs

Used show clothes you just can’t get rid of? If you’ve had trouble selling show clothes or want to be charitable don’t send them to GoodWill, send them to the Rider’s Closet! Equine Chronicle wrote a great article on how to pass along your used show clothes to poor college student who can use them!

Equine Chronicle ┬╗ Donate Your Show Clothes to Colleges, Therapeutic Programs.

Surviving the Final Semester

Spring 2012 is set to be final semester of college. May 1st, I should be a college graduate, if I survive. This was the first week of school and it’s been interesting. So far, I have one awesome professor, 1 OK, and 2 absolutely dreadful ones. One of the horrible teachers looks like Brendan Frasier. Not. Even. Joking. He seems nice at first but then is actually very arrogant, and he doesn’t like football (weirdo). My senior seminar teacher is just frustrating. She’s moved class off campus, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have a class 15 min later…I can either pay to park and drive in rush hour traffic or walk the mile and a quarter, at night, through part of campus I don’t really feel that safe on…alone. Either way, I’m not sure about getting to class on time. I’ve also calculated I will be writing approximately 100 pages or more throughout the semester.

OK. Enough complaining. April 30th is the end and I can make it! Now, to figure out when I’m going to ride and ‘workout’ like I planned. I’m seeing lots of coffee, late nights, and no social life in the immediate future! Thankfully, I have class only 3 days a week! Tuesday’s I have class from 3-8.40pm (yuck)!

I’m still working on a few changes and updates to the blog too!

Let the madness commence.

A New Year…Another Attempt to Fit into My Show Clothes

Instead of getting in shape last year, I bought chap inserts. I still don’t fit into any of my show clothes. Yuck. So, this year (again) I’d like to lose around 15 lbs. This year though, I’m going to find ways to incorporate my horses into it more. How? um…posting a lot without stirrups? running laps in the sandy arena? only eating carrots and applesauce?

So far, I’ve given myself some help by purchasing two books, The Total Rider and The Rider’s Fitness Program. I was able to purchase both books for around $20.00 together, though I had to order them because it’s really hard to find horse books in stores!

Both books feature a wide variety of exercises that are specifically helpful to horseman. The Total Rider also tackles rider diet too. My plan is to combine these exercises, cardio (probably  running, yuck), and riding a lot! I will also be trying to eat a lot better! I think the most difficult task will be finding the time during this semester, which is my last and most likely my most intense semester yet.

There are so many different diets and exercise plans out there it gets overwhelming, that’s why it was important for me to find one targeting horseman. I need a focus, something┬á I didn’t really have last year. Maybe, if I’m brave enough, I’ll share details and progress as I go!

I may also purchase a Pilates for horseman book at some point too, but for now, just the two!