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Fly Spray!

Check out this article on fly control. It breaks down what types of ingredients that are used and how they are used. It’s getting to bet that time of year!

Horse fly control.


What a Weekend!

My weekend started off great! Friday night, I checked my Facebook account and found I was the winner of a giveaway. I won a bottle of Pyranha Wipe N Spray! I am very, very excited because it was the first time I’ve ever won a giveaway (despite how many I sign up for) and because Pyranha is my fly spray of choice! It never let’s me down! Now I don’t have to buy fly spray which is a plus because the bugs are going to be nasty this year with all the rain!

Saturday my weekend continued to be a good one with tack sale. I brought a huge pile of clothes to the sale. Despite a smaller turn out, I was able to sell a few things and earn a bit of cash for both my sister and I. This coming Saturday, I will be once again, trying to sell a few things at an open show! Every bit helps, plus I love seeing how happy getting some new stuff makes people!

Some of My Clothes at the Tack Sale!

Hopefully, this week will turn out as great as last week!

Fly Season is on the Way!

It’s getting warmer, I think. That means the bugs are going to start coming out! yuck! Many people have their own preference for fly sprays but most I know use, Pyranha. I love it. It works and to be honest…I love the smell. It reminds me of summer days spent in the barn or at a show. I’ve been doing some checking around to find any offers on it and who has the best price. Once again, I’m turning to Valley Vet! They have the best price at $10.79 for the aerosol. There is a handling fee but compared to other places it is still cheaper! Plus they get cheaper the more you buy!

I will be checking around at some chain tack/farm places soon to see who has the best price without having to pay shipping!

Pyranha Aerosol Insecticide Pyranha, Inc (Equine – Fly Control – Fly Sprays, Wipes Conditioners).