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Clipping Horses and a Spider on my Shoulder.

Last night, I clipped Tango for the show this weekend. It was interesting. First of all, I forgot how long it takes to A. clip with my mom’s evil corn-row happy clippers, B. clip a horse with all white legs, and C. to do the first clip of the year. I had figured I would ride afterward but it was just too late when I finished.

Plus, I was stiff and sore from all the cool ways I had to set myself while doing the clipping. Normally, I  sit on a little stool so I can relax and get out of the way if I have to. I didn’t have that stool though, and didn’t want to get too comfy on the ground inches from my increasingly bored and antsy horse. By the time I was done, my knees and back were killing me. I felt like I had done a million different Yoga positions. If you feel like you need some yoga time…clip a horse with all white legs.

It takes two people to clip my mare’s ears; somebody to hold her down and somebody to do the clipping. She’s not scared of it. No. She just flat-out doesn’t want it done. I’ve tried twitching her, but that resulted in me almost getting knocked out and then having to beat the crap out of her. It’s just easier and less painful with two people. So, I’m stronger and twisted one of her ears while holding on tightly to the chain wrapped over top gums. (This does the trick…and the chain doesn’t need to be held too tight, I think it’s more just here knowing it’s there.)

Like I said, I was standing there, my hands full…when I glanced over because I thought there was hay on my shoulder. It wasn’t hay. It was a spider. OK…it was a Daddy-Long-Legs but a big, thick one that was a weird color. I very calmly alerted my mom (who was doing the ear clipping) to GET IT OFF ME! She made a funny scared sound and swiped it off my shoulder.  Heebie-Jeebies. This was my third run in with a spider in the last couple weeks. They have not been good experiences.

But when all is said and done, I have clipped up horse ready for a show this weekend.  And I am alive.  I had one more spider incident today at lunch. It was crawling on me. I don’t know why they have it out for me right now!