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2012 Hobby Horse Standouts

The 2012 Hobby Horse catalog arrived a few days ago. There are some really nice new options and a few I just don’t get. There are three new pieces that really standout to me. The “Gemma” blouse comes in three colors and is a simple yet showy option with its metallic accents and bright colors, but classic fit. The “Riverside” tunic adds a lot of dimension. Show clothes have been trending towards a lot of texture and depth; “Riverside” offers both without being overdone. It comes in four different colors/patterns, although my favorites are the “turqua” and olive. My favorite new addition to the Hobby Horse line is the “Dixie” blouse. It’s a simple white or black, button down, show shirt. I am thrilled to see simplicity finding its way back into the ring. A  well-fitted, button down shirt will always look classy in the show pen.

With fuel prices on the rise and everything else costing more, simple show outfits are going to become  more prominent at local, state, and regional shows. I think it will be nice to see.

Hobby Horse Expands Elements: More Choices Than Just the Janie Tunic

In a recent newsletter, Hobby Horse announced they will be expanding their DIY line. With the recent success of the Janie Tunic, which gives you a blank jacket to add your customizations to, they’ve decided to expand!

“The response has been so amazing, we’re adding several new bodies for next year: short tunic/rail jacket, horsemanship shirt, and a girl’s show tunic. Plus there will be more terrific trims and ways to create your own original work of art using Hobby Horse elements to save time and aggravation.” – Hobby Horse, July E-news and Notes, Special Edition

It’s great to see a company really giving creative minds with no sewing talent a way to shine! Not to mention that it costs a fraction of the price to have a custom designed show outfit made! I  can’t wait to see all the choices next spring!