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Show Outfit Planning

After planning my budget for the Summer, I’ve realized breed shows are probably not going to be my aim. I’m still a poor, college student! With the price of diesel and entry fees…it just doesn’t seem feasible. So, I will be hitting the local circuit, having fun, and getting Tango some experience.

I’m actually OK with this because the more laid back atmosphere means I get to pick out a less extravagant show outfit. I really like this because right now, my fancy show clothes are still too tight!

My favorite show outfit is the classic white shirt, dark jeans, and black accessories. It can even be modified to be classy in the breed showpen. I’ve put together the look for under $500.00 minus chaps…which would add about $180.00 to the total. Since, I’m only doing open shows and wearing nice, dark jeans, I can skip chaps. I’ve priced everything from Rod’s Western Wear with my personal favorites. Here’s the look!


A Winter Outfit: II!

In case you don’t want to wear breeches and tall boots! Here’s another idea for riding in the cold weather (this time I included my coat).

  • Forever 21 Rainbow striped Beanie: $14.80
  • Forever 21 Infinity Knit Scarf and gloves: $12.80 + $2.50
  • Mossimo Scoop Neck Sweater: $12.80
  • Berne Insulated Flannel-Lined Jeans: $29.99
  • Old Navy Frost Free Winter Coat: $25.00
  • Tuff Rider Thermal Socks: $9.95
  • Mountain Horse Cozy Rider Winter Boots: $115.95



Keeping Warm for Less!: Fleece

I love my Columbia Fleece Jacket. I wear it everywhere, whether or not it smell like a horse. I got a good deal on it too, at an outlet mall! Fleece gets expensive, like everything else though. I really recommend shopping sales (Old Navy has some good ones) and outlet malls. If you’re shopping online…here are some good choices!

Here’s a good look at these choices plus a few of the pricier options out there! Don’t forget to look at sales and free shipping dates to save money! Sometimes you will see a crazy good price on an item because of limited sizes!

click this photo to see a larger (actually readable) version of it!

Look for Less: Scarves

I don’t usually wear a scarf when I ride, but you know, sometimes it’s cold out and some extra warmth would be nice. Not long ago, I was looking for winter riding clothes and found a really nice scarf made by Goode Rider. It’s a nice, wool blend scarf with ruffles but it runs for about $70.00. Wow. Who has that kind of money to spend on a scarf? I found a similar style at Forever 21 for just $10.80. It’s not wool but it should add warmth and style (if that’s what you’re after). It also comes in three color choices. Since I don’t know many people who ride in scarves, this is more of style idea, but if that’s what you’re going for in the barn or winter horse events, then here’s some savings for you!

Showmanship: the Look For Less

OK, another “look for less” post. I was recently looking at some of the beautiful jackets made by Lisa Nelle, when I discovered one of her jackets looked really familiar. I suddenly remembered I had seen a similar jacket not too long ago. What struck me was the difference in price! Both were found on eBay but one for a lot less money. While you are giving up a well-known name and a lot of sparkle. These jackets are made out of the same material!Just goes to show, once again, if you do some looking around, are willing to be patient, and focus on colors and cut, you can find some great deals!