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Horse Show Kit Update: First Editions Coming Soon!

I have been able to get together a lot of products in the last couple weeks. This means, First Edition Kits will be available within a month. Through months of searching for deals and editing the items list, I’ve been able to come up with a helpful survival kit as well as a detailed booklet on where to find deals and tips for showing on a budget! The kit includes around 40 items to get you ready to show from head to toe!

I will be posting a complete order form soon as well as a complete items list (oh and pictures too!). The price for the Full Horse Show Essentials Kit will be $75.00 and the Young Ladies Horse Show Essentials Kit will be $55.00.

Each kit can also be personalized with your name and choice of graphic at no additional cost.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the First Edition Kits please comment below or email me at (There are only 3 first edition kits available so contact me fast!)


What a Weekend!

My weekend started off great! Friday night, I checked my Facebook account and found I was the winner of a giveaway. I won a bottle of Pyranha Wipe N Spray! I am very, very excited because it was the first time I’ve ever won a giveaway (despite how many I sign up for) and because Pyranha is my fly spray of choice! It never let’s me down! Now I don’t have to buy fly spray which is a plus because the bugs are going to be nasty this year with all the rain!

Saturday my weekend continued to be a good one with tack sale. I brought a huge pile of clothes to the sale. Despite a smaller turn out, I was able to sell a few things and earn a bit of cash for both my sister and I. This coming Saturday, I will be once again, trying to sell a few things at an open show! Every bit helps, plus I love seeing how happy getting some new stuff makes people!

Some of My Clothes at the Tack Sale!

Hopefully, this week will turn out as great as last week!

All Sorts of Things

Well, I’m back in Indy again…It was hectic drive back, filled with a lot of rain and uncovered antique furniture. I think I’m still in vacation mode but I’m broke and back to work so I guess it really is over.

While I was in Omaha, my sister and I sorted through some of her old show clothes and I found a lot of good things to sell! I’ve brought them back to Indiana and am getting them freshened-up for a tack sale.

My county’s 4-H club is hosting a tack sale this weekend. There is a small fee for table space (which goes to the club!) but profits from your sales are all yours! I plan on taking a number of show clothes, boots, and hats to sell. Finding tack swaps and sales are a great way to pass along show clothes to new rider, earn a little cash, support a local club, and maybe even pick up few things for yourself. Many of my show clothes over the years have come from tack sales!

You can find out where tack sales are being held and about table space by contacting any of your local 4-H and horse clubs!

Just remember if you are selling to research prices to best guess what something is worth and know what the lowest price you would accept is. Also be sure clothes are cleaned, ironed, and well-labeled! A good presentation of your items is important!

Show Clothes For Sale

I have once again added to my For Sale page. This time I’ve added my custom-made caramel chaps! They’re a great pair and will last forever. They’re also a pretty hot color right now! Let me know if you have questions or an offer on anything on the page and I’ll do what I can! My Ariat Boots are also currently listed on eBAy

JEANS!!! 56% Off

That’s right, you read it. But what kind and how? Wrangler Q-Baby Jeans and I got them on eBay. They are brand new. I bought the $50.00 jeans for $22 including shipping from an eBay-er selling irregulars. I have no idea what the defect is and I love them! You have to be a bit diligent in checking the new listings until your size comes up. I was a bit wary about buying them off eBay; this is my first pair. I will now be doing it often (or when I have money)! It’s a good way for me to replace my old-wonderful-expensive jeans I’ve gotten to tubby for!

Just Wondering…

In my searches for money-saving tips, good deals, and random, cool things  I’ve noticed something about what’s offered for equestrians my age (24!).  There aren’t a lot of magazines or websites directed to my age bracket.  Magazine wise, one of the most popular horse publications Horse & Rider,  has a reader base of 76 percent are aged 40 or older. One of the other most popular magazines Young Rider, is aimed at a much younger reader base. So, what are 20 somethings reading? Personally, I’m a dedicated reader of Paint Horse Journal and Equine Chronicle.  The problem with both these publications is that they are primarily ads though they have some great articles and Equine Chronicle can be viewed online for free (actually their whole website is one of my absolute favorites)!

As far as websites go, looking up college oriented or 20-30 age bracket websites usually only brings up schools, how to bring your horse to school, and sometimes collegiate team info. I want more! A magazine/website aimed at my age group would cover these things

  • Financial advice, about boarding in school, affording a horse after just getting married & starting a fam, while looking for a career starting job
  • Fashion, for horse girls on a budget inside the show pen, out at the barn, and other horse-y events
  • IHSA (intercollegiate Hose Show Association) news from around the country and Collegiate 4-H (who knew!?)
  • Training tips (of course!) but ones aimed at people who have to ride between studying and work!
  • Anything DIY from making show clothes to repairing and sprucing up tack
  • Some serious reporting on where to find and get the best products
  • And why not a section on issues important to our age group, whatever they may be at the time…like looking into getting judges cards, starting a business, association rules

That’s what I’m looking to read anyway. What are you looking for in a magazine or do you know of a publication or website that has a lot of these things? Would you want to read something like this?

Finding Ways to Make a Little Cash

Well, as my blog title says I am often broke and today it’s true. I’ve recently paid off my credit card and computer (yay me!) leaving me with my only monthly bill of board…which still takes almost all of my paycheck. I’m really feeling the pinch right now,  knowing I will be paying for school next semester and it would be nice to have a bit of a social life. So, I’ve come to the conclusion I need to find a few ways to make some extra cash…maybe I can give you some ideas too. Here’s a list of what I’ve been doing to make a little beyond trying to save a little:

  • added a page to my blog offering up my skills and know-how in creating ads
  • started sorting through closets finding old tack, old show clothes, nice jeans that are too small, and awesome boots I just don’t wear…all being organized to be sold!
  • spent countless hours looking up isbn numbers on a few scattered textbooks which will earn me some Amazon credit
  • working a ton of hours (haha kinda obvious, right?)

Any way…below are a couple of pictures of things I’m considering selling…there will be more too, like my tailored sportsman hunt coat 😦  (oh and two of my favorite pictures from Labor Day weekend)