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The Weekend!

This past weekend, I finally go Tango in the show pen. We showed in halter, two showmanship classes, two English pleasure classes, and one western pleasure class. We placed 2nd in showmanship and 4th in everything else the rest of the day. Considering I didn’t ride her in the arena until our first class, she was great. The bleachers, flag pole with a waving flag, and plenty of people didn’t seem to bother her one bit! How’s that for an inexperienced show horse? Our patterns and rides were nowhere near perfect but they were fun. It feels great getting back into the show pen!

A few days before the show, I came up with an idea to make a stall sign for her. Without any real plan in my brain about how to make one, I was able to put together a pretty cool little sign for less than $5.00 and it lasted through the heat of the weekend. I think I’m going to make a couple more for the other horses and see what improvements I can make. Once I have, I’ll post a tutorial!What do you think? Pretty cute…huh? I think the 2nd and 3rd line could have been bigger; maybe next time. I liked the fact I could make it completely custom to me. I don’t think there is any limit to what could be added to this type of stall sign. Plus with the low cost, you could make a new one whenever you want. I also think it would be a fun project to do for a 4-H club!


New Saddle Woes

I don’t think I’ve owned a brand new saddle…ever. My current saddle had not been ridden when I got and took a while to break in, but I love it now! A friend bought her daughter a new saddle this spring. It’s been quite a pain (literally) for her to break in. The biggest challenge has been the stirrups. So, I thought I’d post a link which has a few tutorials about how to turn stirrups out making them much more comfy and easier to keep on your feet. I’m still searching for a better tutorial or a really good video of how to do it! Feel free to share a link if you know of one!

  • From How to Turn Your Stirrups.  I like the three different ways to turn stirrups given here; however, the last method, which is probably the best, is very confusing.

Wild Horsefeathers Bags & Equestrian Totes 20% Off!

Wild Horsefeathers Horse Gifts I Horse Bags & Equestrian Totes for Horse Lovers.

Don’t miss out on this sale! They some pretty cute totes and bags! My favorite is the “Ride Forever” Messenger!

Wild Horsefeathers Horse Gifts I Horse Bags & Equestrian Totes for Horse Lovers

Wild Horsefeathers Horse Gifts I Horse Bags & Equestrian Totes for Horse Lovers

DIY Boot Dyeing

I was recently browsing around on Pinterest (of course…because I’m obsessed) and saw that a horse-show fan pinned a tutorial on dyeing leather shoes. I followed the ling and was impressed by the post! So, if you’re thinking of dyeing some boots this year, either for a revival or a new color, check out this post by Crochet Clouds for some tips.

The guide is for a pair of leather shoes, but don't worry, it's a good guide for leather boots too! Just be sure to tape of the soles!

Measuring for Show Clothes

Ready for 2012 show outfit shopping? Before you leave home or get started searching for deals online, you should have a friend, family member, or tailor take all the necessary measurements for show clothes.

Above is an illustration of where the measuring tape needs to go to properly measure for show clothes, including chaps. Write down the measurement in the list below and have it handy when looking at clothes online, in catalogs, or even while you browse at the shop.

Tips: Be sure to measure wearing any underwear, shape-wear and clothes that will be worn under the garment. This includes pants under chaps, and jackets; hunt shirts under hunt jackets etc

Show Clothes Measurements (printable .pdf)

Shirt & Jacket Measurements:

_______1. Neck circumference

_______2. Neck to point of shoulder

_______3. Back shoulder width (measured horizontally form the end of the shoulder bone across to the other end).

_  _____4. Top of shoulder at neckline to point of bust

_______5. BUST (around the largest part).

_______6. Natural WAISTLINE

_______7. HIPS (around the widest part).

_______8. Front length (neck to waist)

_______9. Fullest part of upper arm just below armhole

_______10. Measure circumference of forearm

_______11. Sleeve Length (from point of shoulder to knuckles).

Pants & Chaps Measurements:

________1. Natural Waistline

________2. Widest Part of the Hips

________3. Widest Part of the Thigh (all the way around)

________4. Mid Thigh (all the way around

________5. Knee (all the way around

________6. Calf (all the way around)

________7. Ankle (all the way around)

________8. Inseam

________9. Out seam

________10. Crotch Depth (While sitting, from waist to chair seat)

________11. Crotch Length (from waist in front, through legs to waist in back. Divide front from back at midpoint, may not be even)

________13. Finished Jacket length (taken down center of back to where you want the hem to be)

Gardening for Horses

I’m not sure how many of you know how much I love gardening, but it’s A LOT! This year as I plan out the insane amounts of veggies I think I’m going to grow, I want to take a moment and consider my horses. Sure, they’re spoiled enough, but what horse wouldn’t want a handful of fresh yummies out of the garden?

I’m also taking the “I’ll grow my own horse treats” path because making/baking horse treats did not end up well for me. My homemade horse treats looked kind of sad and soggy. They also rotted within a day or two. Now, I’m taking my chances with “homegrown” horse treats.

It would be awesome to grow an apple tree but I really don’t have the time, room, or patience for that. I don’t think the ponies want to wait that long for treats either. So, I’m sticking to the cheap and easy-to-do-anywhere treats: carrot and white dutch clover.

Carrots! This spring I will be planting “Atomic Red,” “Cosmic Purple,” Parisienne”, and “Danvers Half Long.” I’m not sure if the horses will like all the varieties or not. The “Half Longs” are what I figure will be the “Horse Carrots.” I plan on putting them in a big old 20 gallon tub with hole in the bottom for drainage. This could be the perfect idea for an old beat up muck bucket or rusted out water trough. You could also easily plant them in smaller containers as well. I love the idea of setting a few pots out by the barn doors to grab as you walk in the door! They can be planted multiple times too, so you’ll never run out of horse treats. Here’s a few tips on growing carrots in containers!

White Dutch Clover is pretty common and everywhere in most pastures, but I thought it would be fun to grow in an old galvanized bucket I have. I can grab a handful along with a couple fresh carrots and proceed to spoil my horses further. I think, in a big enough container, it could be grown together with the carrots…but sow the carrot seeds first and wait til they are large enough to compete.

Together, the two homegrown treats can be fun, cheap, and a “fresh” way to spoil your horse! I can’t wait to start growing some veggies!

Show Outfit Planning

After planning my budget for the Summer, I’ve realized breed shows are probably not going to be my aim. I’m still a poor, college student! With the price of diesel and entry fees…it just doesn’t seem feasible. So, I will be hitting the local circuit, having fun, and getting Tango some experience.

I’m actually OK with this because the more laid back atmosphere means I get to pick out a less extravagant show outfit. I really like this because right now, my fancy show clothes are still too tight!

My favorite show outfit is the classic white shirt, dark jeans, and black accessories. It can even be modified to be classy in the breed showpen. I’ve put together the look for under $500.00 minus chaps…which would add about $180.00 to the total. Since, I’m only doing open shows and wearing nice, dark jeans, I can skip chaps. I’ve priced everything from Rod’s Western Wear with my personal favorites. Here’s the look!