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Last week, I went shopping. It was OK. I found some really good smelling, volumizing conditioner that I considered buying. It was a fancy brand and came in a huge bottle, plus it was on sale at Marshall’s. I thought about buying it for a half-hour as I walked around the store. Ultimately, I decided $16.00 is just too much money for conditioner.

Yesterday, I bought a few things for the horses…including these cool little horse shoe halter racks, a bit for Tango, and one other thing. I’ve been really curious about the Germany based  brand, Effol. They are sub-brand of a larger company that has been producing products for over 100 years. I happened to see their, “Ocean-Star Spray Shampoo” on the Rod’s website. It took me all five seconds to realize I was going to buy it, even if it cost $16.95. Spray Shampoo for horses!? Sweet. And I finally get to try one of Effol’s products.

Then, I realized…this little “most interesting man” knockoff for horse people, is so true.  When it comes to buying things for myself….I always want cheap, cheap, cheap. As soon as horse things are involved, I will spend my money. My horses are so spoiled.

In other news…I have replaced the phone I dropped in the toilet. I have 3/4 of a page written out of the approximately 16 pages worth of papers dues this next week. Bleh.


Milo’s New Love

I bought Milo another “Himalayan Salt Rock” since he loved the last one. This time though I bought the black one which is supposed to benefit their digestive system. I’m not sure if it does but Milo likes and it gives him something to do. Milo doesn’t just like it; he loves it! He was trying to push me out of the way while I was tying it up in his stall. I had no idea a salt rock could be so exciting! It has a weird smell though…but I guess salt rocks aren’t really supposed to smell delicious, huh? I got it for $14.95 + free shipping from Amazon (of course, I have a problem, I know).  Now, I have a happy, happy horse!

Milo attacking his new salt block! He was really excited about it!

October’s One Thing

I chickened out and didn’t buy the very pretty Corral Boots. Instead, I bought a new laptop. It was time. After many years of abuse and service my lovely red Dell is being retired. My new one should arrive in a few weeks. Woot. So, I suppose for the amount of money that cost me, a new computer is my “One Thing” for October.

But…I have gotten a couple other horsey things lately, like a nice big bottle of show-sheen, a black Himalayan salt rock (for Milo) and um a plastic tub for Milo’s treats. Exciting, yes.

This weekend, I will be studying for mid-terms up in Wisconsin and next week…taking mid-terms. Yuck!

One Thing: August & September

In the madness that was August, I forgot to post the continuation of my “Getting What You Want” post. I suppose you could count the Majesty’s Flex Wafers I bought Milo at the end of August as one thing off my wish list (it’s a permanent resident) but that’s more of a maintenance thing.

So, I missed August and haven’t gotten anything in September yet. That makes me think maybe I should go for a bit bigger of an item…like this Boot Stitch Headstall by Running Roan Tack. Then again, I don’t really need that like I need a new pair of barn boots. Here’s a pair I’m considering; maybe I should consider them for my ‘one thing’ purchase? What do you think? $60.00 is a pretty great price!